Thursday, November 15, 2012

Outline of City’s improvement plan for 2013

Imogen Vollenhoven
15 November 2012

The Central City Improvement District hosted its 13th Annual General Meeting, where it celebrated the past year’s successes and shared its key focus areas for 2013.

CCID Chairperson Rob Kane said the creation of a clean, safe, 24/7 city and reinforcing the CBD’s strength as a premier business investment destination were the opportunities for the Cape Town central city to prosper and grow. 

Kane said that the CBD has truly come into its own as a quality place for business to operate and people to live and work, and also in the maintaining and the driving of its momentum that is one of the tasks that lie ahead.

Some of the strategic outline plans are to get a clear vision for the CBD for next year and also to create a more sustainable City along with the new integrated rapid transport system.

Kane added that the City also plans to create more job opportunities for people living on the streets.



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