Thursday, December 06, 2012

City of Cape Town to install speed over distance camera’s around the City

Imogen Vollenhoven
6 December 2012

The City of Cape Town will be installing five speeds over distance camera around the city. 

Mayoral Committee Member of Safety and Security JP Smith said the challenge is that the cameras cannot be used where there are a lot of traffic lights; it has to be used on an uninterrupted road. 

Smith added that the cameras cannot be installed on the N1, N2 and the R300 as they are national roads.   

Further more he said that they are talking about camera’s that will measure one’s speed at one point of the road and measure the time it will take for the vehicle to get to the second point and then calculate the average speed over that distance.

And that will then determine whether or not that particular motorists have committed an offence.

He adds that it is not a camera that you can break hard for and speed up at the other side; it measures your speed on the entire length of the road.

And that reduction in speed on the M5 has had a very positive outcome, many fewer accidents and therefore many fewer deaths.



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