Tuesday, December 04, 2012

MEC Carlisle message to taxi industry

Imogen Vollenhoven
4December 2012

The Hlokomela event on Monday held a prayer service for taxi operators in Worcester.

Transport and Public Works MEC Robin Carlisle said the taxi industry may not be perfect, but it represents in many ways what is needed in the country.

 Carlisle adds that historically, it has achieved great success through its own volition, despite huge government interference.

MEC Spokesperson Siphesihle Dube adds that the Minister has sent through a message and it was delivered by the Ministry at the event.

A message acknowledging the taxi industry and the important role that it plays and also some well wishes was sent out to passengers for the up and coming festive season.

He also congratulated the industry for the great strife that they have made over the years and their creating SATACO and the acceptance of regulation and the strife that they made to eradicate both corruption and route invasions, which was a major cause of taxi violence.



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