Wednesday, January 09, 2013

DA urges career guidance at schools

Imogen Vollenhoven
09 January 2013


The beginning of the academic year has once again seen large queues at universities of students applying late for admission to study.

DA’s Annelie Lotriet said it is clear that the central application system proposed by the Minister of higher Education and Training is not addressing the issue.

Lotriet said the reason she believes the problem why students are rushing every year for late applications is the fact that there isn’t proper career guidance at schools.

Lotriet adds that when you listen to what the matriculants say; they don’t know whether they want to work or study and that just shows that there isn’t proper career guidance at schools and that would also if schools had that would advise students what the difference is between universities what potential there is for them with FET colleges.

Lotriet further more adds that they need to address this problem by focussing on career guidance at schools.



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