Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Rodney Lentit slams Tony Ehrenreich for encouraging farmworkers

Imogen Vollenhoven
9 January 2013

Western Cape Provincial Parliament Member, Rodney Lentit has accused Cosatu’s Tony Ehrenreich for being inconsiderate and insensitive to the wellbeing of farm workers.

This follows Lentit’s visit to Porterville and surrounding areas this morning.

Lentit says many farmworkers have openly admitted that time away from work at this crucial stage would mean the difference between putting food on the table, sending their children to school or not being able to do so.

Rodney Lentit adds that this is nothing but key political window dressing at the expense of poor people, especially poor farm people and he adds that he wants to put the emphasis on that.

Lentit said he wants to encourage the farmworkers to really consider going on strike, participating in the strike action because it is their children who suffer.

Lentit adds that he is not talking good about the farmers that are also to be blamed for this because they are using every loop hole in the legislation to pay people the minimum wage of R70 a day.

Lentit said that; that is however another matter for government because it is government who fails the people at the end of the day cause they are making the legislation.



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