Monday, February 04, 2013

DA: nothing wrong with recieving donations

Imogen Vollenhoven
4February 2013

After media reports last week revealed that the Democratic Alliance received donations from the Gupta family, the DA Leader Helen Zille denied the reports.

 Zille refused to divulge the name of their donor.

DA Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moakes said the party received donations from Stephen Nel in his own capacity.

Moakes explains that Nel has confirmed that the donations were made in his personal capacity.

Moakes furthermore said that a further donation was made in 2010 from a company called Island sight investment and those are the facts as is stated.

Moakes said there is nothing wrong with a political party receiving donations from a corporate or an individual.

However Moakes said what is wrong is when favours are sought for donations that are given but that is not the case here by any sketch of the imagination.



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