Monday, February 10, 2014

Several drivers arrested in the WC over the weekend

Mluleki Mrwebi
10 February 2014

The Western Cape Traffic Authorities held roadblocks across the province over the weekend.

The Western Cape Traffic Chief Kenny Africa said they stopped 2 327 vehicles in these roadblocks.

Africa also said 1 014 drivers were tested for alcohol.

Africa said they arrested 33 drunken drivers and the highest reading was recorded in Brackenfel and one motorist was arrested for being in possession of tick.

He added that total amount of fines issued is R 1 32 650 and 1 165 drivers were prosecuted.

Meanwhile the Authorities also checked the speed limit on the roads.

Africa said exceeding the speed limit may lead to accidents and they have been very strict on the speed limit.

He added that several drivers were arrested and prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit and there were about nine fatalities over the weekend.

Africa said these people died in separate accidents in various areas and the causes of all these accidents are not known.




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