Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vandalism and burglary at schools a concern for the WCED

Oscar Thomas
10 April 2014

Western Cape MEC of the Department of Education Donald Grant on Wednesday said he is angered by incidents of vandalism and burglary at schools in the province.

MEC Grant said during recent autumn school holidays there were nine incidents of burglary and vandalism and in the same period last year there were five. Metal such as copper are the main target in all the nine cases reported.

Ministerial Spokesperson Bronagh Casey said the WCED can try to guard schools with additional security measures but we cannot win the fight against burglary and vandalism without community support.

Casey said we therefore need community support in not only reporting suspicious behaviour and in around our schools to the police but by also reporting illegal metal traders to the police or the local authorities such as the City of Cape Town Copper head Unit

“If our communities work together in reporting the illegal trade or theft of metal we will ultimately reduce school burglary and vandalism” Casey added.



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