Saturday, May 10, 2014

30 criminal cases related to the 2014 Elections reported in WC

Oscar Thomas
09 May 2014

Police in the Western Cape have confirmed that 30 criminal cases related to elections were reported since February in the province, off which 12 were under the Electoral Act and 18 were common law offences.

Provincial Police Commissioner Arno Lamoer said the role the police had in these elections and how everything was executed well.

Lamoer talks about some hotspots the areas that were identified before the elections.

Lamoer said although the hotspots were identified due to certain issues the intervention by police officers and commanders in different community were superb and that is the reason why we didn’t have problems in those areas.

Lamoer said our intelligence community play a great role firstly by identifying the areas and secondly being in touch with the community giving us the information that we need to ensure that there aren’t any problems within those specific areas.

“The one thing we must understand we knew that twenty fourteen is going to be the year for elections and since last year June/July we started with our planning we started with all our information gathering.

That is how far we went to ensure the smooth running of elections Lamoer added.



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