Thursday, May 08, 2014

Provincial and National election result update

Bulelani Guwa
08 May 2014

From the IEC results and operations centre in Bellville an update of voter results has come in.  In the Western Cape the Democratic Alliance is currently sitting at 59.42%, the ANC is at 32.75% and the EFF is third with 2.01%.

At this point around 90% of the voting stations in the Western Cape have been captured. The numbers indicate that the DA has held onto its Western Cape and in fact increased numbers.
Disappointment must be looming from the ANC as they were confident that the Metro areas in Cape Town were going to bring in numbers for the ANC, a hope that we have not seen so far.

Nationally the ANC is leading so far with 62.8 % of the voters in their favour, a decrease of 3.1 % from the last general elections in 2009.  The DA has shown an increase of 5.8% from the last elections currently sitting at 22.5 %. The EFF is at 5.1 % and the IFP at 2.4 %.
Further results are expected to come in throughout the night as the IEC tries to wrap up the capturing of the voting.



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