Sunday, May 04, 2014

Three people sustained minor injuries when their bus caught alight

Mluleki Mrwebi
04 May 2014

Two children and one adult sustained minor burn injuries when their bus caught alight on the m1 highway near Booysens, Johannesburg South, last night.

ER24 Spokesperson Russell Meirieng said paramedics responded to the scene to find the bus well ablaze. The occupants of the bus, being mothers and children, sat on the side of the road.

Meirieng said paramedics assessed the three patients, finding that they sustained minor burn injuries over their legs.After the patients were assessed and treated, they were transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital for further medical treatment. 

“The driver of the bus later said that he heard a strange noise coming from the engine. Moments later smoke could be seen coming from the engine” he added.

The exact cause of the collision is not yet known and local authorities are investigating.



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