Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Violent protest action in Langa

Oscar Thomas
09 July 2014

Residents of Langa have blocked all roads leading to and from Langa this morning as they are allegedly protesting over houses. 

Bush Radio’s Freedom Nhlane said people are being prevented from coming into the area or going out and the protest has become violent.

Traffic officials said on the N2 both ways – the links to Bhunga Avenue are closed people are advised to use alternative routes. 

Bush Radio’s Freedom Nhlane said due to the apartheid days there’s only two entrances in Langa and both those entrances are closed. Taxi’s have been told not to move as people are being turned back home, as they do not allow you to go to work.

Nhlane said residents are even prevented from using the train.

The situation is quite dangerous and tricky for residents in Langa trying to leave the area as they are protesting due to housing issues Nhlane added.



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