Thursday, March 05, 2015

DA calling for the audit of the CWU membership at the Post Office

Mbasa Gqokoma
05 March 2015

The Democratic Alliance has called for an audit of the Communications Workers Union membership at the South African Post Office.

This as CWU members at the Post Office are threatening to embark on a strike if their wage demands are not met.

DA Deputy MP of Telecommunication and Postal Services Cameron MacKenzie said the proposed protest action is certain to negatively impact on the entity’s turnaround plan for a sustainable future.

MacKenzie said the Communications Workers Union represents a certain number of workers but no one is quite sure how many that is.

“We believe and certainly the post office believes that that’s a minority of the work force. So what we need to do is conduct a membership order within the South African post office and found out exactly how many members are represented by the Communications Workers Union and then we will know how to respond to this threat for industrial action that’s holding the post office, its customers and the people who dependent on it for employment hostage” MacKenzie added.



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