Saturday, March 14, 2015

Peace forum and School teachers to march against burglaries and vandalism of schools

Oscar Thomas
14 March 2015

The Joint Peace Forum together with Bonteheuel School Teachers will today be embarking on a peaceful march over increased burglaries and vandalism of schools in the area.

Principal of Cedar Primary School Carlin Symonds said items that have been stolen from the school include computers, gas tanks, electrical equipment and stationaries.

Symonds said the way they can assist us is that they know the gangsters they know who the perpetrators are that break in.

Symonds said it’s time to break that silence, we know they scared but they need to break the silence in order to support us in curbing burglaries.
Symonds said we do get tip offs from some of the members from which now and then we can retrieve some of the goods but most of the time there’s no tip off and the parents see them breaking into the schools and they keep quiet.

“It’s time to speak out and tell the gangsters enough is enough these are our children and our community” Symonds added.



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