Tuesday, June 02, 2015

WCED MEC: School burglary and vandalism frustrates the department

Mbasa Gqokoma
02 June 2015

Western Cape MEC for Education Debbie Schaffer said that while the WCED has increased security measures wherever possible, schools are still being burgled and vandalised on a regular basis.

In the 2014/2015 financial year, schools reported a total of 1 180 incidents of burglary and vandalism.

That averages 98 incidents per month, or three per day.

MEC Schaffer added that this is frustrating however progress is being made.

MEC Shaffer says we are making progress in a number of areas, but we are really concerned on the ongoing nature of vandalism and burglary and the destructive nature of it and, this affects our learners and teachers and our budget which we would have used it for other constructive purposes, Schaffer added.

Meanwhile WCED’s Safe Schools programme manager Oscar Apollis said it is important that the school governing body play a more active role in these challenges including vandalism.

He added that the majority of incidents of vandalism were reported at schools in gang infested areas where substance abuse is rife.

Apollis said we find that, the very community that is supposed to protect the school is the community that is creating the challenge in those schools.

“Our school governing bodies must play a more active role in terms of their governance with regards with building a bridge and a relationship between the school and the community so that the community can be part of the solution to the challenge that we have” Apollis added.




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