Friday, August 07, 2015

ACDP: 8 year sentence not enough for Retief

Melon Radebe
08 August 2015

The African Christian Democratic Party says the possible appeal against the suspended sentence of Adries Petrus Retief by the Western Cape Directorate of Public Prosecutions is the correct one.

ACDP Western Cape leader Ferlon Christians says, should the appeal be successful, it will correct the actions taken by the state and send out a clear message of zero tolerance.

Retief  admitted to 2130 counts of child pornography.

Christians believes that the eight-year suspended sentence does not fit the crime committed by Reteif.

“This sends a wrong message to potential perpetrators. And we as the ACDP support the DPP to appeal the sentence .He should get jail time and not a suspended sentence.” Christian said. 



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