Back to school excitement and frustrations

By Nomava Nobumba
13 January 2010

As the schools opened in all parts of South Africa today, learners gathered for the first day of learning.

Khayelitsha learners of Intshayelelo Primary school were already at the school premises at 7:30 this morning waiting for their new beginnings.

Grade 1 learners accompanied by their parents also made their way for the first time.

Due to tight security as well as good partnership with the community, the school is hoping to start tuition today.

The school principal Mr. Gantsho said everything is in order at the school, no vandalism occurred during the festive season and only few parents didn’t register their children yet.

“We hope to begin with classes today as we didn’t experience lot of problems,” he said.

Meanwhile, at Bulumko High School, just a few metres from Intshayelelo it was a different story.

Parents and learners who didn’t register yet, were packed at the administration block hoping to be placed.

One frustrated parent was at the school seeking placement for her daughter who will enrol for Grade 11.

According to the parent, she paid the registration fee yesterday following an order she was given at the school, but today she was told the classes were full.

The parent blames the school saying if they told her in time, she would have gone to another school.

Other parents were there to negotiate the registration fee as the say they can not afford it.

“I paid half so far, so I want to ask them to pay the balance later this week,” said one depressed parent.