Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Indian commando introduces construction programme

By Odette Ismail
31 October 2006

The director-general of The National Academy of Construction (NAC) in India, Commando CT Chari, presented today a construction training programme implemented in his own country. The commando was hosted by the Cape Peninsula University of Technloghy, Bellville campus.

The programme provides unemployed people from rural areas with an opportunity to obtain skills desperately needed in construction.

In India each trainee is provided with quality skills and a guaranteed employment opportunity relating to construction.

The NAC is supported by the government and various non-governmental organisations.

At the moment the programmes are booming for India as all unskilled people who undergo training become fully equipped with skills.

Commando Chari says that he believes the programmes working well depend on the socio-economic issues of a country. Trainees in India are being trained for three months says Commando Chari.

He argues that this is too little time to fully equip workers and says most of them have a need to finish up and provide for their families.

Also attending the discussion were representatives of SETA, Eskom, lecturers of various techical and construction institutions as well as students from other academic institutions.


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