Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Fear in the Cape Flats

What can the government do differently in order to decrease the onslaught of crime in the Cape Flats areas? The public gave a variety of answers that they thought were the solutions to the increase of violence in the surrounding communities, and just how the government could combat this issue effectively.

Parliament's portfolio committee on police called for the increased visibility of officers on South Africa's streets, especially in crime hot spot areas, in the wake of the murder of 13 people in Cape Town's sprawling Philippi township at the weekend.

The killings are the cause of a complex socio-economic problem requiring an urgent and multifaceted approach, the committee's chairwoman Tina Joemat-Pettersson said in a statement decrying the country's escalating murder rate.

SAPS must move with speed to implement the promise made by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his recent state of the nation address to increase visibility, she said. Furthermore, SAPS must strengthen the strategies intended to fight the proliferation of illegal guns, Joemat-Pettersson added.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis

Here's what the public had to say on this issue:

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Mystery fire flared up three times during one early morning.

Last Saturday morning a family of seven in Elsies River had three fires in different times and places in one home, the family nearly left homeless after a fire started in one of the bedrooms in their home. Mystery fire alleged blaze, Firefighters were called at 2am after a fire began in the first bedroom, Fire and Rescue Service reported at scene on time extinguished it. That morning another fire began in the second bedroom and for the third time fire was in the lounge. According to Daily Voice The fire department made sure the fire was out then suddenly found in a second bedroom and lounge, the family was not sure what caused the three times fire.
Fortunately, the were no injuries reported, the family claimed that they are unable to sleep in their home due to damages in the rooms and burnt roof. Also add that they cannot have electricity until their house is repaired
The City, Fire and Rescue Service suspected that the fire might be due to an electricity fault.

Edited by: Mandlenkosi Mde

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WRAP-UP BULLETIN                                                                                                    9 JULY 2019
As the bloodletting on the Cape Flats continues unabated and calls for the deployment of the army fall on deaf ears, a desperate call to declare a state of emergency in the province has been made to jolt the national government into action. Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz on Monday urged the national government to consider declaring a provincial state of emergency after a weekend in which 55 people were killed across the province. IOL reports that echoing the calls made by community leaders across the Cape Flats following the bloodshed over the weekend, the MEC said: “Between midnight Friday and 6am today, there were 55 unnatural deaths which resulted from gunshot wounds and sharp objects in the province; 33 of which were in the metro west region.

The average dam level in the Western Cape has increased by more than 6% during the past week. Iol reports that The latest average level for dams across the province stands at 45.4% (2018: 47.2%). The City of Cape Town’s dams continue to see good recovery and are now on average 59.6% full (2018: 53%). Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning Anton Bredell said water continues to flow to dams around the province from various catchment areas following recent rainfall.

Three people have died after sand fell into a trench on Sandown Road in Table View, Cape Town, on Monday night. IOL reports that Yesterday evening, just after 5pm, the City of Cape Town's Fire and Rescue responded to persons trapped on Sandown road, Table View. Upon arrival, it was found that three persons were trapped in a trench as a result of the walls caving in.  The City of Cape Town's Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson Jermaine Carelse said Fire Services, Metro and other agencies worked tirelessly throughout the night to recover the bodies. The bodies of three adult males were eventually recovered and the scene was handed over to SAPS

The District Six Working Committee is trying to gather more support for the renaming of Keizersgracht to Hanover Street. Ewn reports that The City of Cape Town’s public participation process is currently under way. It runs until 22 July.This Saturday a rally will be held in Salt River in a bid to get more people to throw their weight behind the process. At the same time, a process is under way to rename Zonnebloem back to District Six.The committee’s Shahied Ajam said: “It’s all to do with the bigger picture leading up to 24 September, being Heritage Day. He said he predict Hanover Street will be handed over to the people of District Six

After the nationwide outcry against the City for implementing a by-law under which homeless people are issued fines for sleeping in public places, the Community Chest conducted an urgent discussion yesterday with key stakeholders to try to find solutions. Iol reports that The meeting was attended by the SA Human Rights Commission , as well as various NGOs, chief executives of homeless shelters, and other figureheads fighting the cause of street people.“ ,” said SAHRC commissioner Chris Nissen said  The SAHRC was scheduled to have a meeting with City of Cape Town officials last week, but they never showed up.

The 39-year-old woman charged for the murder of 10-year-old, Siphumelele Mzimba, whose decomposing body was found in a bush abandoned bail her application in the Pinetown Magistrate's Court on Tuesday. Iol reports that Zandile Nsele appeared briefly in court where the murder charge was added to the kidnapping and extortion charges she had faced at her previous court appearance on June 20.This after Siphumelele disappeared from her home near Pinetown on June 13.It is alleged that a year ago Nsele had rented a room from where Siphumelele and her family lived following which she moved five minutes away from her home.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)on Tuesday said it had terminated the contract of Thato Sikwane, also known as DJ Fresh, with immediate effect. In a statement released on Tuesday, the broadcaster said termination followed unsuccessful engagements between SABC Radio management and DJ Fresh, subsequent to his usage of offensive language on-air. Fresh was the headliner of MetroFM’s breakfast show.

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Monday, July 08, 2019

Frustration as murders on Cape Flats spike

If you had the opportunity to, what would you say to the government in order to better our communities in light of the social media outcry that has taken place after the past weekend shootings in Phillipi that have killed 13 people, including 6 women. 

These high numbers have sparked calls for the army to be deployed or for a more effective plan to curb violence on the Cape Flats.

The state of the Cape Flats has been an increasingly hot topic but Police Minister Bheki Cele has denied that the army is needed, and has been suggesting the use of the Anti-Gang Unit. Cele has stated that the army is not trained to deal with civilians, and the rate of crime in the Western Cape has not reached the point that necessitates their deployment. 

On Monday morning, Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz also condemned the recent attacks that have taken place he went on to say that the figures were deeply chilling and it is for this reason that he has called on to the army to be immediately deployed in the Cape Flats communities.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis

Bush radio interns then took to the streets to ask the public what they had to say to the government in order to improve not only our conflict stricken communities but our country too

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John W. Fredericks to be remembered

John W. Fredericks has passed away, the Cape Flaps man better known as an author and scriptwriter passed away peacefully at his Strandfontein home on Sunday. The 73-year-old was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. 

The man made rounds in 2015 after his film adaptation ‘Neom my skollie’ which won some number of awards in 2016 When he made to South Africa’s official entry into the 89th Annual Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film Award. His family confirmed that John indeed had passed away and thanked fans for always believing in him.

According to Daily Voice, John had been writing and telling stories since he was a little boy, growing up in Kewtown, Athlone, in the 1950s. His father worked at a dumpsite where he found a typewriter which he gave to his son. John used the old tikmasjien to write stories. After his retirement as a security guard, the man continued to write scripts.

In 2017, Noem My Skollie won five Golden Horns at the South African Film and Television Awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Achievement in Costume Design, Best Achievement in Make-up and Hair and Best Production Design. Fredericks who never stopped dreaming, inspired youth and has also made a name for himself internationally with Noem My Skollie, leaves behind his wife, three daughters and a son.

By: Mandlenkosi Mde 

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Friday, July 05, 2019

Fraudulent Al-Noor letter comes to the Fore

The Department of Social Development has distanced itself from the controversial Al-Noor Orphanage Centre after evidence of a fraudulent letter came to the fore.

The department has stated they would like to warn the public about the fake letters of endorsement that are being distributed by the Al Noor orphanage, pretending to be by directed by former social development MEC Albert Fritz.

“I condemn the misuse of my name in this document. Direction was not given from my office, as stated in the document, to support a holiday programme facilitated by Al-Noor Orphanage.” said Fritz. 

The letterhead specifies a unit/directorate that does not exist in the DSD. There are no office managers in the office of the MEC – the only office manager positions in the department would be in the office of chief directors. 

The letter is not dated and there are no landline contact numbers on the letter – a requirement on letterheads. Last month the City of Cape Town gave the disgraced orphanage an eviction order after the centre was shut down by the DSD after sexual allegations. 

Al-Noor has been in the spotlight following allegations of fraud and corruption by their manager Amina Okpara. 

By: Aneeqa du Plessis

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Thursday, July 04, 2019


WRAP-UP BULLETIN                                                                                                                       4 JULY
Full body scanners will be installed at seven of South Africa's most problematic prisons by month end to curb smuggling, Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola announced on Wednesday. African news agency reports that, addressing a media briefing, Lamola went about expressing his concern about several videos that have gone viral depicting prisoners engaging in illegal acts while behind bars.  Lamola stated that, they will be engaging organised labour in their sector and the National Prosecuting Authority on a zero tolerance policy when it comes to smuggling of contraband in their facilities.

Plettenberg Bay Community Policing Forum chairperson Mlu-lami Sip-hango refused to comment on the violent protests that had led to the closure of the N2, stating that he feared for his life and was under threat from residents. He said that he fears for his life because the residents will go after him once he comment on the matter. After five minutes, he said, that there had been no way that he would give information and he don’t want to lose his life.

The South African Police Services had decided to open an inquest docket, this is following the discovery of a body next to Lies-beek River on yesterday. Cape Argus reports that, Police spokesperson Siya-bulela Malo said the circumstance surrounding the body of an unidentified man that had been discovered lying next to Liesbeek River at about 08:00 are under investigation.

Police Minister Bheki Cele had then challenged the private security sector to work with police in rooting out criminality and corruption within South Africa's law enforcement agencies. Ewn reports that, Cele had been speaking at the private security indaba in Kempton Park on Wednesday. Role players that are in the industry that are using the two-day event to find ways of addressing challenges facing the sector. Minister Cele said that it was no secret that some private security guards and police officers are part of criminal syndicates.

The SA Human Rights Commission also known as the had decided to meet with City of Cape Town officials, as soon as possible, to discuss the constitution-ality of a city by-law that will see homeless people fined for sleeping in public places. Cape Argus reports that, this is according to SAHRC commissioner Chris Nissen, that said that they have met with the city over a month ago after initial concerns about how homeless people in Cape Town were being treated. Nissen stated that they have noticed the increased aggression towards homeless people, and told the city that the SAHRC will be looking into that.

The District Six Working Committee said that the renaming of Keizers-gracht to Hanover Street was pivotal in restoring District Six's legacy. EWN reports that, The public participation process which is currently underway and runs until the 22 July. The committee's Shahied Ajam has urged the public to support the petition.


Death by coal

So thrilled were they to move into their new house, that they took ownership of it even though the electricity wasn’t connected. But their joy was short-lived when their 4-year-old boy died of carbon monoxide poisoning when the family brought coals from a fire into the house to keep warm.
Little four year old Kahino Chivasa, passed away just two days after the family moved into their new BNG (formerly known as RDP) house in Delft, and the family is blaming the City of Cape Town’s human settlements, for handing out incomplete houses, for his untimely death.

Chivasa’s grandmother said she had started the fire outside for cooking late on Friday night and brought the coals inside the house. “If there was electricity this would not have happened, we would not have made the fire and brought the coal inside.” She adds that this is because the house is unbearably cold, and even more so because the floor is uncovered.

The family, which has been on the housing waiting list for the past 22years moved into their house barely a day after the house was finished. According to Chivasa’s granny, the house has no ventilation or electricity and the walls were still raw with the construction dust still not settled when they moved in and because they had waited over two decades for their new home they could not wait a second longer.

Warren Jones, a community leader and also a community liaison officer for Eskom in the area, said the city should take full responsibility and account for the death of little Chivasa. Jones said the family received no visit or emotional support from the city or the ward councillor, instead empty promises.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis

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new project of fire safety

After many people lost their lives in many fire incidents across the country, a Khayelitsha man’s fresh idea might be the solution to save lives and this could be privileged to employ youth. Mzuvukile Manco has expressed his fear for shack fires, since the initiation of this project been on the ground with his idea and has installed 10 fire alarms in Endlovini formal settlement which he paid for from his pocket. He says he has been inspired by high rates of fire incidents. To him this is not just a business opportunity but aiming to save people lives and provide job opportunities for youth once corporate businesses and the City of Cape Town be of assistance. Manco intensely believe his recently project will have an impact on saving lives as fire is always a problem in our communities.

The smoke alarms are portable, they are battery-powered. These devices will alert you soon as fire break out and there’s smoke he claimed. One can wake up from deep sleep will also be able to alert neighbours. It took him about 10 to 15 minutes install one alarm, some residents see this as a brilliant idea.

by mandlenkosi


Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Cape mom claims that 4 hospital neglected her autistic son

Eerste River mom Jade Bougaardt remain trust less on Western Cape government hospitals. This happened after approaching numerous hospitals in the Western Cape seeking help for her autistic son Jarred Bougaardt and has become frustrated with the services. 

According to Cape Argus report, Jarred is currently suffering from Septo-optic known as syndrome featuring underdevelopment of the optic nerve, pituitary gland dysfunction, and absence of the septum pellucidum. She also claims that the boy is unable to verbally express his pain, and that is why she expected doctors to attend the matter. 

However, she was let down after being turned away from Tygerberg hospital, Red Cross hospital, False Bay hospital and Groote Schuur hospital. With no choice she had to go to the emergency unit and been accompany with six adults because of her son’s situation was not on good condition at that time. 

Deputy Director of communications, Mark van der Heever on behalf of Western Cape government health claimed that the matter was not seen to be in a real life-threatening condition in comparison to the other patients in the emergency unit. Grandmother to Jarred added that they are striving financially to meet necessities of her grandson’s medical condition.

Edited by: Mandlenkosi Mde

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The City of Cape Town’s new neighbourhood safety team also known as (NST) had officially deployed in Bonteheuwel on Tuesday. Ewn reports that, The team, that consists of 100 law enforcement officers, which had started working in the gang-infested suburb. This is At least 43 people that had been murdered in Bonteheuwel since the start of this year. The officers and residents then made their way through the community, cutting over parks and side alleys as they went on their first patrol.  Councillor Angus Mckenzie said there had been 44 murders in Bonteheuwel this year.

The United National Transport Union (Untu) will be calling its members to help support protest action which is to ensure that President Cyril Ramaphosa will help to assist with providing a safe and reliable passenger rail service for all. Cape Argus reports that, Untu spokesperson Sonja Carstens said their nationwide protest is set to resume on July 26.

Relief has spread across those who are cash-strapped consumers with the price of fuel going down noticeably by midnight. Ewn reports that, the price of Petrol dropped by 96 cents a litre while diesel now costs up to 75 cents less. Illuminating paraffin has also come down by 57 cents a litre.

The N2 in Plettenberg Bay remained closed on Wednesday morning following overnight protests. News24 reports that, In a Bitou Municipality notice, motorists were warned that the highway was closed between the Shell Ultra City and Kwano-kuthu-lu due to the ongoing community protests that started in Qolweni on Tuesday night. And in another protest taking place in hanover park About 70 people gathered on the streets of one of Cape Town's most notorious gang suburbs before dawn on Wednesday to call for an end to bloodshed. Richard coleman from City of cape town explains further about hanover park avenue being closed at athwood road direction govan Mbeki road.

The Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga stated that her department have closely monitored why South African teachers spent less time teaching when it comes to comparing a percentage of other countries. EWN REPORTS THAT, a new survey that has been done on the issue stated that the country's teachers only spend 66% of classroom time teaching as opposed to an international average of 78%. This was revealed in the TALIS report, which was made public on Tuesday. The survey investigated the conditions of learning and teaching in schools across 48 countries.

Winter in the province is now regarded as the burn season, at least as far as the province’s informal settlements are concerned. Cape Argus reports that, During the month of June, data which is from various hospitals across the province that indicates 43 patients had been treated for various burn wounds. Mark van der Heever, the deputy director of communications at the Western Cape Health Department, stated that, it must be noted though that not all sustained burns injuries from fires. Across the province last year, more than 120 people died in fires, 26 as a result of candle fires, heating devices and "playing with matches".

The Human Rights Commission has taken the City of Cape Town to task over its policy on the homeless. City officials have reportedly issued 199 fines to homeless people for various by-law infractions. The clampdown came as winter reached its peak and cold and rainy conditions looked set to continue. The city has defended its policy, saying it was not being heartless.

The Gauteng Health Department said an investigation was underway to determine who turned away a pregnant woman when she sought help at a Mamelodi clinic. Ewn reports that Staff at the Stanza Bopape Clinic allegedly told 45-year-old Elina Maseko, who was already in labour, to go to a hospital claiming her pregnancy was high risk because of her age.Maseko didn't make it to the hospital and gave birth a short while later outside the clinic with the help of a family member. The Health department’s Mothomone Pitsi said: “According to the woman after I spoke with her, the staff on duty just perused over her record and said she must go to the hospital without examining her and that’s a very disappointing incident because that’s not how we manage patient

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“Where is the humanity?”

An uproar has surged over the city’s implementation of a by-law that leads to homeless people being fined up to R1500 for sleeping on pavements or erecting illegal structures, with the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) saying they are launching an investigation into this matter.

The SAHRC commissioner Chris Nissen said his team would look into whether the by-laws infringed upon the human rights of the homeless with reference to chapter 2, section 27 in the constitution that speaks about health care, food, water and social security.

Chris went on further to say that the underlying issues need to be addressed, that the homelessness of these people are a societal problem, like the violence that infests the streets of the Western Cape, and that he had in fact brought up this issue with the former mayor but will be meeting with the current mayor to engage on this matter and address the undignified solution and how to deal with it in a more compassionate way
‘It’s winter, it’s cold, where is the humanity?’ stresses the Human Rights Commissioner.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis

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Lady fell asleep and woke up with a cigarette burning her gown

Families left out in the cold and homeless in incident happened at Hanover Park where fire destroyed at least three homes, allegedly caused by a burning cigarette, residents says they were shocked to see towering flames from a downstairs Wendy house. Resident claims that they were in their home and heard a lady screaming for help at a Wendy house where the fire started, immediately evacuated, and fire the fire was already spreading. With shock they run safety and waited for firefighters to arrive. Some of these fire victims lost everything they had and their flat is badly damaged and no injuries reported.

According to daily voice, Disaster Risk Management spokesperson, Charlotte Powell, says one informal dwelling and three formal dwellings were damaged by the fire and as assessment of the damage will be conducted. The residents also implore donations to help rebuild their lives.

If you would like to help call 084 321 6567 or 072 0255 953. monique.duval@inl.co.za

Edited by: Mandlenkosi Mde

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The SA Weather Service instructed the Disaster Risk Mangement Centre that another cold front is approaching, moving over the south-western Cape on Tuesday afternoon. Cape Argus, Strong to gale force winds will be expected throughout Tuesday along the coast. Southwest-westerly swells will also increasing to 5.0-5.5metres. This is along the same stretch of coastline. Vessels will have difficulty in navigating, risk of capsizing. There may be some disruption for small harbours. Beach activities such as swimming and angling are not advised.

Twenty people have been put under arrest, which was made during illegal street racing operations in the Athlone/Mitchells Plain/M3 areas, this included a driver with a breath sample more than four times the legal limit. Cape Times reports that, Seven out of the 10 drivers that were placed under arrest, for reckless and negligent driving on Saturday had been taken into custody in the Mitchells Plain area. The Metro Police Department had arrested at least, 12 motorists for driving under the influence of alcohol and 12 suspects for various crimes, including the possession of suspected stolen property, drugs, possession of an imitation firearm, dealing and possession of tik and being in possession of a dangerous weapon. Officers also arrested one suspect for domestic violence.

President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his 2019 State of the Nation Address, stated that he wants to see all South African children receive at least two years of Early Childhood Development, thus before they begin Grade 1. Iol reports that, Recognised globally this will as the most powerful investment in human capital that a country can make, this commitment to early education for our country’s children could radically change South Africa’s prospects for education and economic growth.

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology also known as (CPUT) recently became the first university in the country to roll out anti-retroviral treatment on campus for students with HIV/Aids. Cape Argus reports that, with this implementation, it will allow students to receive their ARVs from the Student Health Clinic Decanting Site at Bellville Campus. The reason behind the establishment, is that students miss classes and stand in long queues at hospitals and local clinics.

Efforts which is to escalate the fight against crime which had taken centre stage at a meeting between Police Minister Bheki Cele and Western Cape police bosses. EWN reports that, the Police Minister had a meeting with the Western Cape's CPF board on Monday to address concerns raised over the high rate of gang violence in Cape Flats communities. Mitchells Plain's community policing forum which cluster last week called on Cele to come up with a strategic action plan to combat the gang scourge. Minister Bheki Cele met with the provincial CPF chairpersons at Parliament yesterday to address their concerns over uncontrollable gang violence.

Human Settlements MEC Simmers states that the public should be advised that fake housing letters are circulating around the province. The fraudulent letter states the following, that you have been allocated a house by the department of housing for a project for the lower income scale with the above mentioned ERF number that was allocated. The letter requires an amount of R5 250 and asks for your ID and marriage certificate.


Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Security shot outside Vangate mall

The guard has been shot but not died, the incident happened yesterday in parking area at Vangate mall, Two men been arrested for alleged shot and wounded the guard, drama started when the security guard tried to stop thugs robbing a customer on Friday afternoon. Paramedics were called and victim was stabilized to nearest hospital for medical treatment, neighbourhood watch team assisted cops to arrest the suspects case has been opened and the two suspects are expected to appear in Athlone court. According to reports, the victim tried to inhibit an unknown man who was trying to mug another person in the parking area when he was shot.

Centre management of Vangate mall claims that the incident escalated from Gatesville mall onto Vangate mall. Securities has been advised to watch out around mall premises and continue to retain safety within that centre. Centre management also addressed that Vangate mall is operating smoothly and they are dealing with the issue.

By Mandlenkosi


CPUT becomes South Africa’s first university to roll out ARV treatment:

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) has become the first university in the country to make antiretrovirals treatment available to students on campus who have HIV/Aids.

Instead of having to stand in long queues, and miss their classes students will now be able to receive their ARVS at their Student Health Clinic at the Bellville Campus. By 2020 all other CPUT campuses would have this initiative introduced but until then students can use the shuttle to travel to the Bellville Campus.

All students who are registered to this programme will be allowed to take home a two month supply of ARVs over the holidays to ensure they have their medication well in advance whether at home, or travelling.
All patients must be confirmed HIV positive through a series of tests, which includes having their viral loads and CD4 cells checked. This initiative has been funded by the Western Cape Department of Health.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis


Monday, July 01, 2019


1 July 2019
Eleven people had passed away on the Western Cape’s roads over this weekend. EWN reports that, a total of 26 drunken drivers were had been placed under arrest since Friday with the highest reading recorded being four times over the legal limit in Worcester. At least 792 motorists were tested for alcohol. 188 fines for various traffic violations were also issued valued at more than R290,000.

Two teenagers had been placed under arrest by South African Police Service Flying Squad officers just after a taxi driver had been stabbed and robbed of his silver Renault Duster in Cape Town, Western Cape police said on Sunday. African news agency reports that, The taxi driver was attacked in his vehicle by his two passengers in Goodwood on Friday afternoon, Lt-Col Andrè Traut said. Traut then stated that, they had fled with his vehicle towards Parow where flying squad members stopped them in Fransie van Zyl Drive. The two suspects, aged 17 and 19, were imprisoned on charges of attempted murder and the possession of a stolen vehicle, and are due to make their court appearance in Parow once they have been charged.

Caster Semenya stated that, she will not take part in this year's World Championships if she loses her legal battle with the IAAF over new rules governing testosterone levels in female athletes, agence france press reported.

Motorists will expect a fuel price drop on Wednesday, the first in six months according to the Department of Energy. Cape Argus reports that, on July 3rd, the price of 93 ULP petrol will drop by 96 cents a litre, while 95 ULP which will cost 95 cents less a litre. Diesel (0.05 percent sul-phur) will decrease by 74.78 cents a litre and Diesel (0.005 percent sulphur) will cost 75.78 cents a litre less.

Police Minister Bheki Cele stated that he will not be investigating the infighting between senior police officers in the Western Cape, but however, requested a report which will be following allegations that the Major Offences Reaction Team, were set up to rival the Anti-Gang Unit. Cape Argus reports that, this occurred just after the community policing forums in gang-infested areas which had called on Cele to place the Western Cape Police Service under administration. The Mitchells Plain cluster, this includes eight CPFs, gave Cele 48-hours to stabilise the situation and place these areas under lockdown.

In a surprise forensic report conclusion which was not communicated to the activists that called for the investigation, the City which has reported no irregularities in an alleged botched auction of prime Foreshore land. Cape times reports that, After several calls for the report to be made public, Ndifuna Ukwazi were on Sunday alerted to the investigation’s conclusion for the first time by the Cape Times.


Friday, June 28, 2019

Metrorail delays has been considered

The commuter have to wait and see Metrorail’s upcoming plans to provide sufficiently services. This follows after Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula planned to travel from Chris Hani Station to Langa Station earlier this week, however, trip did not go as planned due to long delay and further massive delays caused by two deaths along Central line. The minister had to abandoned train and used his ministerial escort instead to get to Langa. Absence of clear plan and empty promise to fix broken rail system been feed to commuters led to intolerance situation.

Death report said that occurred due to overcrowding, poor infrastructure and violent crime. Delays and cancellations were causing workers lose jobs and learners lose school time.

Deliberate demands to the Minister
• Declare the commuter rail services a national disaster.
• Establish a skilled and ethical Board with a commuter representative.
• Charge all those involved in state capture.
• Establish a safety and security plan for commuters.
• Set out a clear six-month plan to bring 2,000 damaged coaches back into operation.
• Reimburse train tickets after delays.

On Thursday morning Metrorail has apologized to their customers for delays impacted entire region after small group of employees elected to disregard PRASA procedure to raise their concerns. In that incident, after the management responded and the employees resumed work shortly thereafter

By: Mandlenkosi Mde

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The City of Cape Town is calling on the national minister of Environment Affairs to place a moratorium (a moratorium is a delay or suspension of an activity or a law), on the exploratory octopus permit after another whale was killed.

A humpback whale carcass was found floating about 500 metres off Sunny Cove, Fish Hoek on Wednesday. On Thursday, the city retrieved the carcass, saying the whale became entangled in an octopus fishery line and drowned.

The city has called on the national department to consider suspending the permit for octopus fishing. This is the third whale entanglement and second death as a result of octopus fishery lines in the past two weeks.

The city's Gregg Oelofse stated that they are asking that the permit be suspended until such time that the equipment they use is redesigned to make sure that they don't entangle whales. Meanwhile, the Simons Town community is also calling for an immediate moratorium on all octopus trapping in False Bay.

A resident’s online petition has more than 22,000 signatures. "The petition asks for a moratorium until all stakeholders can sit down and find a solution to this problem. We really can't allow this to continue." Not only do these traps, endanger whales, and dolphins but also pose a huge risk to sea craft.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis

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Viral cruelty man force-feeding dog beer

A man recorded himself feeding a puppy beer has shocked everyone and has now caught the attention of the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa in Philippi who are considering laying charges of animal cruelty.

The Resource Development & Communications Officer for AWS is appealing for help in finding the man feeding the dog alcohol and also those who have recorded and distributed the video. one-minute-long video with the man holding the puppy by its head and ears, feeding it beer out of a green bottle. The puppy, which is in distress, begins to yelp softly. The man speaks to the dog in a foreign language and then says “hurry up” in English.

The dog, after it has been fed the alcohol, runs away and is found lying on the ground. When the man touches the puppy it lies dead still. The man keeps nudging the dog and eventually the animal moves and appears to be sick and drunk. The animal Welfare is appealing to the public to assist after they received information that the animal had died. They had first received information that the origin was in Johannesburg but we have been told the origin of the video is in Cape Town. “We understand that the dog has died. We will treat the information with great sensitivity and we will welcome anonymous tip-offs. If anyone has information about the incident or video, they can contact AWS on 021 692 2626 or email admin@awscape.org.za

by: Mandlenkosi Mde

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Thursday, June 27, 2019


The parents of four-year-old Farouk Mhlongo, who was allegedly kidnapped from a Durban crèche last week Tuesday, were relieved after the boy was found on Monday. Police spokesperson Colonel Thulani Zwane said the child was found on Monday in Umlazi. Two men, aged 26 and 29, were arrested and charged with kidnapping. Zwane said they were expected to appear in the Durban Magistrate’s Court today. Farouk went missing on Saturday from a crèche in Clairwood.CCTV footage showed a man, unknown to the family, taking Farouk’s hand and leading him away. Following a public outcry on social media, the boy was finally found on Monday. Vusi Mhlongo, Farouk’s father, said he wanted to thank the police and everyone involved in finding his child.

Capetonian Mark Thack-wray had a narrow escape over the weekend after he found himself trapped in a life-threatening rock fall on Franschhoek Pass. EWN reports that, Speaking to other sources, Thackwray said that he believed he had been given a second chance to live. He said as soon as the car came to a stop, all passengers ran as fast as they could as heavy rocks continued falling.

A missed call that was on a cellphone led police to a suspected thief who targeted two homes in Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape over the weekend. Ewn reports that, the 23-year-old had robbed two homes and ran off with valuable items including two watches and a cellphone. He, however, made a mistake and left a trail that led cops to his home. The police's Khaya Tonjeni said when they got there, they dialled the number of the stolen phone and it rang

After a spate of murders on the Cape Flats in the past week, residents in Bonteheuwel, Manenberg and Mitchells Plain are fed up with crime, and say their pleas to national government are simply falling on deaf ears. Mitchells Plain community activist, Rozario Brown, said their communities were infested with gangs. “Our laws must change. They must change immediately. The Constitution must be amended to deal with the current and unprecedented high crime-levels, especially violent crime and the high murder rate in our country,” he said. “Chad Arendse, 19, who had a bright future and all the requisite qualities to end up a great leader within our community and society was gunned down in cold blood on June 16 for no particular reason.




Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu said on Wednesday the collapse of VBS Mutual Bank was one of the reasons why service delivery would be affected for years to come. Makwetu said some municipalities in Limpopo and Gauteng invested funds that were earmarked for long-term projects with the bank. Delivering his 2017/2018 local government audit results on Wednesday, Makwetu said eight municipalities in Limpopo and two in Gauteng sent their money to VBS. “In Gauteng as well. There were two municipalities that put money into VBS. This would have an impact on longer term projects.” A Reserve Bank report, titled The Great Bank Heist, revealed that almost R2 billion was stolen over three years by 53 individuals, including executives and politicians.

The South African Human Rights Commission said that it would meet with former Bosasa executive Angelo Agrizzi on Thursday for a possible out of court settlement in his hate speech case ahead of their court appearance. The commission took Agrizzi to court after he was heard in a recording submitted to the Zondo Commission earlier this year using the k-word. According to IOL, The S-A-H-R-C’s spokesperson Buang Jones said they’ve submitted a proposed settlement to the clerk of the court. And they’ve asked for Mr Agrizzi to pay R200,000 to a charitable organisation that promotes social unity, justice and reconciliation in Alexandra. they’ve asked for the clerk of the court to refer this matter to the director of public prosecutions for possible proceedings and they’ve also asked for an apology from Mr Agrizzi.

Cape Argus readers once again came to the rescue of a person in distress, making it possible for Tezihano Mnyatsa, 13, to fulfil his ambition of playing in the chess championships in India. IOL Reports that Tezihano, of Leonsdale in Elsies River, was selected to take part in the Under-14 Commonwealth Chess Championships. He was supposed to leave for the tournament on Tuesday, but he was unable to raise enough money. Francesca Walker, ward councillor for the area said They were on the radio wednesday morning to talk about Tezihano. The great news is that he will be leaving on Friday to India. She said two businessmen donated money for Tezihano’s trip.

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa also known as Numsa on Thursday morning that had been expected to present a proposal to its members after a lengthy meeting with management at Lanx-ess Chrome Mine in the North West. EWN reports that, an estimated amount of 290 mineworkers were part of the sit-in over allegations of sexual harassment and the dismissal of 56 of their colleagues. Twelve workers had been taken hospitalised after the strike had started last week. Talks between unions and mine management broke down at the weekend. Numsa spokesperson Phaka-mile Hlubi-Majola said that no agreement had been signed yet.


The modern generation’s most misused weapon

The modern generation’s most misused weapon

Scrolling through my Facebook timeline the other day, I came across a disturbing post which read: “I’m sorry, but I honestly feel like we’ve exhausted the 1976 youth history. Can we start celebrating today’s youth? ”“Wait, What?! How dare she?! How dare she disrespect the legacy of the 1976 youth?

The youth of ’76 was revolutionary! They had lots of courage, they had a purpose, and they had heart – Power! But they never had WhatsApp or Twitter. It turns out that we as the modern generation, are no less revolutionary.
We have the resourcefulness of modern technology at our finger tips and that is not undeniable power, if you ask me. We as today’s youth can utilize to fight our modern day struggles. Struggles of unemployment, lack of sex education, lack of support for entrepreneurs, the list goes on. It is also power we often find ourselves misusing cell phones by using social media.

By Zaid Omar.


Disabled children in South Africa are three times more likely to be sexually abused compared to abled body children.

Disabled children in South Africa are three times more likely to be sexually abused compared to abled body children.

The Children’s Act must cater to the needs of disabled children more fervently as they are often the most at risk to being abused because of their heightened vulnerability.
This is according to André Kalis, specialist in advocacy, policy and children’s matters at the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), who said children with disabilities were falling through the cracks of the South African childcare and protection system.
He said the current Children’s Act of 2005 did not enforce drastic action to combat the extreme marginalisation and exclusion that children with disabilities suffer.

“Worldwide, children with disabilities are recognised as the most vulnerable and exposed group in society. The Children’s Act, through determinations, should reflect the dire state in which these children find themselves.”
Joshua Chigome who is the spokesperson for the Department of Social Development (DSD) said that while there wasn’t yet an act governing disability, there was instead a White Paper (a government report giving information or proposals on an issue), approved by the Cabinet on December 9, 2015.
Chigome went on to say that the DSD was in partnership with the NGO sector on advocacy and access to services and policy development to have disabilities recognised.

As the population grows, their efforts will include increasing the bed spaces for children and adults with moderate and high support needs and intellectual disabilities, increasing subsidies to residential facilities for people with disabilities and expanding audits for universal access to buildings for people with disabilities.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis


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