Friday, March 06, 2015

Missing Adult Alert: Nowinoti Ntusel Mtshaba


SAPS and SABRIC to fight bank-related crimes

Mbasa Gqokoma
06 March 2015

The South African Police Service together with the South African Banking Risk Information Centre have reaffirmed their committed in intensifying the fight against bank-related and cash-in-transit crimes.

Lieutenant General Solomon Makgale said both parties have committed to educating the public about bank-related and cybercrimes and increasing the capacity of the SAPS to administer cyber-related commercial crimes amongst other things.

Makgale said we cooperate and share information to make sure that we reduce criminality in the banking industry. We had very good discussions and very frank to look at what is it that is hindering us from achieving the kind of success that we want to as envisage in the memorandum of understanding

“We want to as well to ensure that we go out there and arrest the people that we identify” Mokgale added. 


CPT welcomes SAHRC’s ruling on sanitation services

Jaimie-faith Poonah
06 March 2015

The City of Cape Town has welcomed the ruling by the South African Human Rights Commission on the sanitation services the city provides to informal settlement.

The Social Justice Coalition conducted a week-long audit on non-flush toilets in four settlements in Cape Town.

Fieldworkers audited 256 toilets and interviewed residents about their experiences and found that half the toilets were in an unusable condition.

The city appealed against a decision by the provincial HRC last year on the matter and now the SAHRC has upheld the appeal.
Mayor Patricia de Lille Spokesperson Zara Nicholson said in the provincial HRC made a number of allegations regarding on how the City of Cape Town provides sanitation services. Further more it has conducted investigations into the complaint which was originally laid by the social SJC in a manner that was procedurally improper.

Nicholson said the city disputed the findings immediately inlight of the fact that as a metro authority where as a nation leading record of sanitation provision for all areas of the city, including informal settlements. While we respect the role of chapter 9 institution we might be allowed to participate in their work in a manner that is free from prejudice.

Meanwhile the Social Justice Coalition has challenged the Mayor Patricia de Lille and her lawyers to experience the daily indignity and insecurity of using a toilet in the city.

SJC’s Axolile Notywala said the Mayor’s statement that the city has been vindicated by the outcome of the appeal to the commission is false and misleading.

Notywala said that is exactly the opposite of what the decision of appeal of the HRC report was saying; there was many saying that these procedural issues with the report and that it must be sent back to the Western Cape provincial office to be reinvestigated.

"We are saying that the issues are still there, the issues of the lack of proper sanitation services are still there in informal settlements" Notywala added.


NUM condemns retrenchment of workers by mining companies

Jaimie-faith poonah
06 March 2015

The National Union of Mineworkers said the decision by mining companies in the Northern Cape to retrench workers is unacceptable and shocking.

The union alleges that the Assmang Blackrock mine is intending to retrench three-hundred and five workers which would result in three-thousand-seven-hundred and fifty families being affected.

NUM’s Kimberley Regional Coordinator Lucas Phiri said NUM is shocked with the decision the mines are taking in the Northern Cape to dismiss numbers under this drought were people are unemployed.

Phiri said they believe that these mines have been making profit for quite sometime, but when things do not go well from their side the first people to suffer is the ordinary mineworkers on the ground.



Six suspects arrested for impersonating the police

Jaimie-faith Poonah
06 March 2015

Six suspects have been arrested for impersonating the police, defeating the ends of justice as well as possession of drugs.

The arrest happened following a tip-off from a member of the public about suspicious looking police officers searching a house in Langlaagte, Johannesburg.

Police spokesperson Kay Makhubele said there was a group who was sitting in the house and they were not the police we had to arrest them. It was also found that these people were the ones who were terrorising the community around the area.

There were a number of cases that were outstanding Makhubele added. 


Missing Child Found Deceased: Anovuyo Ndamase


An accident in Pietermaritzburg leaves two people dead and 13 injured

Loyiso Langeni
06 March 2015

An accident late last night on Camberg Road in Pietermaritzburg left two people dead and thirteen others injured following a bakkie accident.

ER24 Spokesperson Russel Meiring said paramedics from the Pietermaritzburg branch arrived on scene and found the bakkie lying on its side in the middle of the road. The occupants from the bakkie lay all across the scene.

Meiring added that on assessment, paramedics found that one woman had sustained fatal injuries in the collision. Another woman lay near the vehicle with no sign of life.

He emphasized that paramedics performed advanced life support and CPR for an hour, unfortunately no signs of life returned and the patient was declared dead on the scene.

“Thirteen other patients sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate. Paramedics treated the patients and thereafter transported them to Northdale Hospital for treatment.” Meiring said.


Firefighters continuing to monitor South Peninsula fire

Loyiso Langeni
06 March 2015

Firefighters are continuing to monitor fires in the South Peninsula as late Thursday evening the fire at Cape Town flared up again but was quickly contained.
The fire has destroyed about eight houses and 5 000 hectares of vegetation. The fire started in Muizenberg on Sunday and quickly started to spread to areas such as Hout Bay, Tokai and Kalk Bay.

Meanwhile the damage that the fire has caused in the Table Mountain National Park is estimated at about R5 million.

City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue Spokesperson Theo Layne said at the moment they still have nine vehicles at the Muizebebrg fire area.

“We have downscale during the course of the night and those vehicles are monitoring and dealing with hot spots as and when they are required. The wind yesterday caused a flare up but they were well managed and no further assistance was required.” Layne added.  


WC School Governing Body elections underway

Mbasa Gqokoma
06 March 2015

Today schools across the country will hold their School Governing Body elections.

Western Cape MEC of Education Debbie Schafer said electing members of a school governing body is significant as it is important to elect skilled, accountable and responsible individuals.

MEC Schafer has also urged parents to be involved in the elections as it will serve the best interest of their children.

Departmental Head Bronagh Casey said many parents do not realise the major responsibilities which SGB’s exercise on behalf.

These include turning their mission policies at schools, code of conduct for learners.

In addition government’s draft core budget they decide on what money should be spent where and further recommend staff appointments for the principal to choose and other staff, Schafer added.


Thursday, March 05, 2015

Western Cape budget for 2015/2016 at R52 billion

Loyiso Langeni

05 March 2015

Western Cape MEC of Finance Dr Ivan Meyer today presented the provincial budget worth R52 billion for the 2015/2016 financial year.

A large chunk of the budget went to the education and health sector with education receiving R17.7 billion and a total of R18.8 billion allocated to health services in the province. MEC Meyer allocated R1.8 billion to provide services for the poor.

He said that the budget will provide vulnerable and those with special needs through Social Development Services.
“Impoving the quality of child care and protection services, care for older persons, substance abuse interventions, and services to person with disabilities, victim support and shelters for homeless adults, probation services and diversion programmes will be prioritised over the next three years.” Meyer added.
Meanwhile MEC Meyer said the budget had to be balanced while managing and maintain fiscal stability in a weak economic environment.

The provincial government says economic growth remains its number one priority.

MEC Meyer said in the drive toward developing skills they will enhance regional competitiveness, the WCG will allocate R51.29 million for the 2015/16 Financial year and R55.38 million for 2016/17and R55.59 million in 2017/18 to address skills development initiatives. 

MEC Meyer added that the budget is a response to the calls of people for jobs and improved services.

Lastly the provincial government has allocated R17.3 billion to be invested in infrastructure project.

MEC Meyer said the budget lays the foundation for citizens to engage and access opportunities created by the provincial government.

He emphasised that the overarching goal of government is to achieve public value which involves grater effectiveness in tackling the problems that are most important to the citizens.

“Taking this citizen centric approach facilitates citizen’s access to government, improving consultation and providing a people centred approach to service delivery.” Meyer added.



DA calling for the audit of the CWU membership at the Post Office

Mbasa Gqokoma
05 March 2015

The Democratic Alliance has called for an audit of the Communications Workers Union membership at the South African Post Office.

This as CWU members at the Post Office are threatening to embark on a strike if their wage demands are not met.

DA Deputy MP of Telecommunication and Postal Services Cameron MacKenzie said the proposed protest action is certain to negatively impact on the entity’s turnaround plan for a sustainable future.

MacKenzie said the Communications Workers Union represents a certain number of workers but no one is quite sure how many that is.

“We believe and certainly the post office believes that that’s a minority of the work force. So what we need to do is conduct a membership order within the South African post office and found out exactly how many members are represented by the Communications Workers Union and then we will know how to respond to this threat for industrial action that’s holding the post office, its customers and the people who dependent on it for employment hostage” MacKenzie added.


Three suspects wanted for business robbery

Mbasa Gqokoma
05 March 2015

Muizenberg police are searching for three suspects who are wanted for business robbery. The suspects allegedly robbed a store at the Capricon Shopping centre late last year.

Police have urged the community to come forward if they know the whereabouts of the suspects.

Police Spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk said according to the information received were three men who entered the premises, cabled the owner and robbed the store. The suspects fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash and cell phones.

Van Wyk said identikits of the two of the suspects have been compiled and they can be described as typical old black male, dark in complexion, middle built and about 1.7 metre tall.

“The other one is between thirty two and thirty four years old and is about 1.7 metre tall” Van Wyk added.  


Missing Adult Alert: Chatoo Areeka


SACP calls for corruption to be rooted by politicians and municipalities

Jaimie-faith Poonah
05 March 2015

The South African Communist Party in the Eastern Cape has called for corruption to be rooted especially by politicians and municipalities.

This as the Eastern Cape has been engulfed by a series of corrupt activities including tend irregularities. 

SACP District Spokesperson Ludwe Mnweba said tougher action needs to happen to those found to have been involved in corruption.

Mnweba said there are so many cases of corruption that are being investigated. He said no action has been taken against those people.



Satawu hopeful for an end to MyCiti bus strike

Jaimie-faith Poonah
05 March 2015

The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union says it is hopeful that the MyCiti bus strike could come to an end soon.

This as a meeting is currently being held today with the relevant parties facilitated by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration to try and come to an agreement.

The strike which has been going on for a month is about workers employed by Trans Peninsula Investments wanting to represent themselves, and working conditions.

Satawu’s Brightness Matwa said that the meeting is not the first meeting to take place; it is actually the third one.

Matwa said we can confirm to you that with regards to the meeting is that, the previous meetings has viewed a fruitful outcome and we believe today we might reach an end of the strike through the engagement, because now parties are not far apart on issues.


Seven people with injuries after an accident in Johannesburg

Jaimie-faith Poonah
05 March 2015

An accident this morning on the N12 Putfontein Road in Benoni left seven people with minor injuries.

It is believed that a bakkie and a taxi collided into each other.

The exact details to the cause of the accident will remain the subject of a police investigation.

ER24 Spokesperson Russel Meiring said on arrival on scene ER24 paramedics from the Joburg East branch found a bakkie that have over turned lying on its side in the fast lane as well as a taxi that has also been involved in the collision lays in the fast lane .

Meiring said on inspection paramedics found seven people had sustained minor injuries in the collision; fortunately no one had sustained any serious injuries.

Paramedics treated the patients for their injuries and there after transported them to Sunshine hospital for further treatment, Meiring added.



Three suspects arrested for being in possession of drugs worth R2 million

Jaimie-faith Poonah
05 March 2015

Three suspects aged between 26 and 35-years-old are expected to appear in court soon after they were arrested following a seizure of more than 2-million-Rand in Johannesburg.

The suspects were part of an undercover drug lab in Wadevile just outside Johannesburg.

The arrest was in collaboration with Hawks and Johannesburg Flying Squad.

Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said we were informed that there was an operation happening were people were trying to manufacture mandrax and which we then managed to arrest one of them.

Mulaudzi said during the raid one suspect managed to escape and further investigations led us to another address where upon arrival we also arrested two other suspects.
“The value of the drugs that was confiscated amounted to R2-million and there were chemicals and other equipment as well that we managed to seize” Mulaudzi added.



COPE raises concerns over violent protests in municipalities

Loyiso Langeni
05 March 2015

The Congress of the People has raised its concerns regarding recent violent protests in the country.

Cope’s Spokesperson Dennis Bloem says the reason for the municipalities finding themselves in this situation where people are protesting for basic service delivery is that people are not paying for rates and taxes.

Bloem says to rescue this crisis is the de-politicisation of local government.

“What is needed is the appointment of qualified professionals to run the administration of municipalities that an open and transparent staff recruitment’ Bloem added.


Wildfire in the South Peninsula largely contained

Loyiso Langeni
05 March 2015

City of Cape Town’s firefighters are continuing to monitor hot spots areas such as Tokai, Fish Hoek and Kalk Bay as the fire could take up to three days to extinguish. 

This as five days of wildfire which started in Muizenberg on Sunday continued to spread to areas such as Hout Bay and Noordhork over the past few days.

City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security JP Smith said more than 500 residents had to be evacuated from their homes in various areas since the fire started.

He added that this morning they will be dampening down the areas and the process of accessing the damages will be done and also mop up operation will start.

“We are gratefully that there is no loss of life. Thirteen properties appear to have been affected by the fire and three of those were completed destroyed but no human lives were lost however there were three injuries all sustained by firefighters” Smith said.


ACDP welcomes road deaths decrease

Loyiso Langeni
05 March 2015

The African Christian Democratic Party in the Western Cape has welcomed the decrease in road deaths in the province over the festive season of December 2014 to January 2015.

In January this year the province recorded a low road death of 76 lives lost which represent a 48 percent reduction since the start of the Safely Home campaign in 2009.

ACDP Provincial leader Ferlon Christian’s said by introducing a program called Safety Home campaign it has altered the behaviour of drivers.

“We really want to compliment the department and all the traffic officials for hours worked on the road” Christian’s added.  


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

New opening and closing times for the department of Home Affairs

Mbasa Gqokoma
04 March 2015

The Department of Home Affairs has announced new opening and closing times for offices across the country.
Home Affairs Director General Mkuseli Apleni said the new opening and closing hours will undoubtedly be of benefit to clients staff.

These will include having more staff available on any particular shift to address service delivery demands in the front office.

The new hours will come into effect from Monday next week.
Apleni says office hours for DHA will be from 07:30 to 16:30 including a thirty minutes lunch break.

Opening and closing hours for serving clients will be from 08:00 to 16:00.
Apleni added that it was decided the two shifts would be required to ensure successful implementation.

The first shift will commence at 07:30 and end at 16:00, then for the public working eight hours.
The second shift will commence at 09:00 and end at 17:30 seven hours, both shifts will include thirty minutes lunch break Apleni added.


Metrorail to deploy more security and police officials at train stations

Mbasa Gqokoma
04 March 2015

Metrorail in the Western Cape says it is currently reassessing the deployment of security personals at train stations.
This is after an attempted robbery where shots were fired between Eerste River and Lyndock station which left one person injured.

Metrorail’s Riana Scott says”police are investigating the matter and that additional security is being added on the northern route.
Scott says our service personnel now will work very close with the police to conduct regular crime prevention actions.

These will include search and fissure operations to confiscate danger weapons.

Scott added that “we also appeal to our communities to report all incidents so the police can accurately gage the need for additional resources”.
We are very happy to report there were fifteen recent arrests in several instances where commuters’ possessions were retrieved and returned.

They declined to make cases and to press charges. We really ask the people whatever incident please report it” Scott added.


Road death rate in the WC decreases by 30 percent

Oscar Thomas
04 March 2015

Western Cape MEC of Transport and Public Works Donald Grant says every death on our roads is a tragedy for a family, and we must not fall into the trap of becoming numb to statistics.

MEC Grant was speaking on Tuesday on interventions by the provincial government that yielded record low road deaths during the festive season.

The provincial death rate has decreased by 30 percent.

Grant said pedestrian deaths on our roads are simply far too high and as a proportion they are in excess of 40% of the total numbers of fatalities.

Grant said one can see the trend from a 102 down to 93 down to 86 but over the last two years that has climbed to 87 and 91.

Grant said passenger deaths have reduced quite dramatically from 93 to 89 to 81 to 70 to 54.

Grant said driver deaths are also down from 46 down to 38.

“Motorcycle deaths and pillions are declining” Grant added.

Meanwhile road injuries in the province has cost the provincial economy by 21 billion-Rand, this is more than the provinces health and education budget combined.

During the festive season traffic authorities focused on operations such as excessive speed, driver and vehicle fitness, drunken driving and driver fatigue.

The department says it is ready for the notorious Easter season on the roads. 

Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa said over 22 900 vehicles were stopped as part of our alcohol blitzes where 13 950 drivers were screened for alcohol resulting in 275 arrests being made.

Africa said the highest alcohol reading was 1.8mg per 1000ml which is seven times over the legal limit of 0.24mg per 1000ml.

“1502 manual speed offences were recorder with 14 376 speed offences recorded by camera technology and the 7 286 vehicles were stopped as part of fatigue management campaign with 393 drivers being made to rest before continuing their journey” Africa added.


COPE strongly condemns double taxation

Oscar Thomas
04 March 2015

The Congress of the People has condemn strongly the double taxation of South African motorists which are the looming increase in fuel levies and the increase in toll tariffs. 

The South Africa National Roads Agency Limited on Monday announced that toll tariffs on national roads will increase by 6.017 percent on Saturday.

COPE Spokesperson Dennis Bloem says the Minister of Transport must intervene and stop this senseless increase on the tolls.

Bloem said the question will always remain why government privatise our national roads.

Bloem said this does not benefit the people of the country but rather milking everybody rich and poor.

“This rise will have devastating effects on the already crippled economy of the country” Bloem added.


COSATU welcomes dismissal of Khulubase Zuma application

Oscar Thomas
04 March 2015

The Congress of South African Trade Union has welcomed the dismissal of an application by Khulubase Zuma to have claims of about 1.5 billion-Rand against Aurora Empowerment System set aside.
Aurora's liquidators went to go to court to hold the company's directors responsible this as the liquidators claim that they were stripped of their assets of the liquidated Pamodzi Gold's mines in Springs, Gauteng, and Orkney.

Meanwhile the National Union of Mineworkers say the dismissal is a victory for the poor mineworkers.

Cosatu Spokesperson Patrick Craven said the company has been trying everything possible to delay being brought and forced to pay the workers and all the other creditors what is due to them.

“We hope that finally on the 23rd of March justice will be done and this tragic chapter of labour relations in South Africa will come to an end so that the workers can at last have some money and not have to rely on charity” Craven added. 


A shooting leaves one person dead in Chatsworth

Jaimie-faith Poonah
04 March 2015

A shooting incident in Chatsworth has left one person dead.

Netcare 911 Spokesperson Chris Botha said it’s believed that he was on his way to work, he walked out to the motor vehicle. His family heard a shot and when they came out he was laying on the ground.

Botha continued to say paramedics arrived there; they examined the patient that they tragically had found that he died due to the extensive injuries that he had sustained.

The exact details to the cause of the shooting incident will remain the subject of a police investigation.




Mayor Patricia de Lille updated on South Peninsula fire

Loyiso Langeni
04 March 2015

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille on Tuesday received the latest update on the fire that has been raging in the South Peninsula since Sunday.
Over three-hundred firefighters have been working tirelessly to try and extinguish the fire which they say will possibly take another two days.

Mayor de Lille visited the Lakeside Fire Station where she was assured that the firefighters are doing everything possible to try and bring a fire under control.
De Lille Spokesperson Zara Nicholson said they were about five houses that were damaged partially and then also a hotel in Hout Bay but there’s been no threat to any lives.

“The Mayor is extremely grateful to the staff and all firefighter’s men and women who are bravely fighting the fires out there. The Mayor along with Mayoral Committee members went to extend their heartfelt thanks to all the staff that are working on this fire.” Nicholson added.
Meanwhile City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue Spokesperson Theo Layne said they have managed to contain the fire in some areas but they are still concerned about Tokai, Kalk Bay and Clovelly area.

Layne added that during the course of the night they had some significant wind changes which caused the fire to burn and swerved to unburnt areas.

“We have eight houses that were damaged fire three of those houses were completely destroyed. During the night we had 50 people we found in Lake Road evacuated and another 300 in the Noordhoek area. They are currently being housed in the Church as well as at a Sports hall.” Layne said.


Lone paddler rescued offshore of the Mouille Point Lighthouse

Jaimie-faith Poonah
04 March 2015

The National Sea Rescue Institute in Bakoven rescued a lone paddler who appeared to be to be in difficulty and acting suspiciously off shore of Green Point.

Eyewitness said they spotted the paddler and appeared to them to be refusing to be assisted, even though he was not fit or equipped to be at sea.

NSRI Spokesperson Craig Lambinon said: “On arrival on scene NSRI found that a lone paddler, unknown, as he didn’t give much information but he was in a small blow up dinky that you normally find in a swimming pool and using a garden rake as an oar.”

Lambinon said: “He was found one ordinal mile offshore of the Mouille Point Lighthouse. He was brought to shore where police took custody of the man, it was unknown where he comes from or where he was going to.”



Minister Zulu launches Centre for Entrepreneurship at False Bay College

Loyiso Langeni
04 March 2015

Minister of Small Business Development Lindiwe Zulu on Tuesday launched the Centre for Entrepreneurship at False Bay College in West Lake Campus.

The Centre is a product of a five year Memorandum of Agreement between the Department and False Bay College to target FET Institutions to promote Entrepreneurship education, training and development.

Zulu said the College holds the promise of making an important contribution to the advancement of all our people and the development of the economy.

“Given the current state of unemployment and poverty in our country, the question is not whether we should encourage young people to look in the direction of entrepreneurship, but rather can we afford not to. We see entrepreneurship as an important long term response to the triple challenges of poverty inequality and unemployment. We see small businesses and co operatives as critical to creating an economy that benefits all.” Minister Zulu added.


Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Firefighters in Cape Town commended by President Jacob Zuma

Jaimie-faith Poonah
03 March 2015

President Jacob Zuma has commended the firefighters in Cape Town who are busy trying to contain a fire which has been raging in the Southern Cape Peninsula since Sunday.

The fire has destroyed four homes and an old-age home had to be evacuated.

Firefighters have also been deployed from other provinces to try and assist with the fires.

Presidential Spokesperson Mac Maharj said: “We praise the bravery and professionalism of all our fire-fighters who are attending to this ragging fire to save lives and stop the damage to property and to our prestigious natural environment, putting their own lives at risk on the process.”



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