Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Cape safer beaches to be, as City of Cape Town working on a proposal to implement a new by-law to fine swearing at coastal facilities. The idea is to create a safer public space as per other protocol for public access. EWN reported, the draft is still to be considered and beachgoers can have their point of views before its approval. Coastal by-law goal is to provide protection against abusive language by managing social behaviour on beaches. The proposed by-law demands the individuals not to make use of an offensive form of communication. Such zones are described as areas comprising coastal public property and waters and the seashore.

Beachgoers will remain responsible to a fine if they jeopardize or inhibit or making use of ill-mannered speech. However, this by-law has been not finalized but still under proposal as a draft form. As it needs the full board members for approval before it becomes law. The City’s Mayco member, said: “The intention of the by-law is not to be punitive with regard to foul language, but rather to create provisions that will enable the City’s law enforcement officers to intervene when necessary and to prevent any person from being verbally abused in public spaces on our coastline.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019


This has been an ongoing issue and no signs to see the end on mall robberies in Western Cape. Late in July Cape Quarter shopping centre which situated at De Waterkant Area was hit by unknown group of suspects and that followed an incident took place in an American Swiss store in Long Beach Mall also in Cape Town seven armed robberies in Cape CBD intended, which believed to be a syndicate behind the recent series of businesses robberies in CBD. Another incident Kamaldien jewellery store in Claremont became the fourth store robbed in July alone, coming after same day’s armed robbery in Kenilworth Centre earlier that day.

In all these incident of robberies, suspects came in with sledgehammers, knifes or fire arms. Recently, 2 out of 5 suspects allegedly robbed jewellery store at Blue Route Mall situated in Tokai, on Monday p.m. were detained. They robbed the business and fled the scene on Monday. As they were trying to get away, a police officer who was also at the shopping centre at the time of incident gave race. EWN reported Police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana said shots were fired but no one was injured. It is alleged that five suspects, two armed with firearms, robbed a jewellery store. The police officer stopped them in their tracks while trying to flee. Two men, aged 24 and 28, were arrested.

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The unveiling of the Rocklands Civic Centre precinct in Mitchells Plain as a Provincial Heritage site.

On the 20th August, we celebrate the historic day for Mitchells plain residents and the UDF. Today marks 36 years of the inception of the UDF, this also marks a day of unveiling of Rocklands Civic Centre as a Provincial Heritage Site from Heritage Western Cape. The memorial celebrates the founding of the UDF while 15 000 people gathered here 36 years ago. Activists and UDF members came out in their masses to celebrate this historic event.

The UDF invites all to join their march on the 21st September 2019.

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Jasmine Johnson-Mazwi




Tuesday morning, train commuters in Cape Town are forced to find other means of transport, thanks to criminals. Criminals attempted to steal cables in Salt River which triggered a high voltage surge that damaged an equipment room on Sunday. Kentemade, Ysterplaat, Hazendal as well as Langa’s cables were vandalised and stolen on Monday. Delays of more than two hours can be expected for the foreseeable future. 

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Welcome to bush radio information network, and these are your upcoming events for this week

Western cape classical feastival 31 August 2019
Venue: Artscape Theatre Centre, D.F Malan St, Foreshore
Cost: R72-R80
Tel: 021 421 7695
Facebook Arstcape Theatre Centre

Beyond at the Artscape 25 august
Venue: Artscape Theatre, D.F Malan St,Foreshore
Time:3pm to 4pm/6pm to 7pm

Nasty womxn at the Alexander Bar 19 to 24 august
Venue:Alexander Bar,Café & theatre, 76 Strand St, City Centre
Tel :021 300 1088

Gaia waldorf school hosts 19th annual spring fayre in September 2019
Venue:Oude Molen Eco village, Alexandra Road, Cape Town
Time: 10h00until 15h00
Cost: free
Tel:  021 447 0546

If you would like us to broadcast your events please email us at

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Western Cape residents asked to be aware as human trafficking grows

Human trafficking in the Western Cape is growing and the government and countless organizations are asking individuals to be alert in fighting traffickers.  

Various vulnerable persons are trafficked to the Western Cape and will be forced to do sexual work under the false expectation of getting a work in the city. Victims are frequently hidden in plain sight, engaged in apparently legitimate businesses within the local economy. The control applied over trafficked victims can be subtle, brutal or physical, as well as financial and psychological. This can keep the crime and their plight invisible to the unknowing public

According to local NGO Men against Prostitution and Trafficking of Women, human trafficking in the form of involuntary labour and sexual work is considered mainly predominant in the Western Cape because of the vulnerability of children and women and the well-organised organization of human trafficking. Targets of human trafficking are characteristically individuals who are the most vulnerable in society. They might be attracted through false job advertisements, sold by family, abducted, seduced, and trafficked by a ‘friend’ or through false immigration.

Statistics shows less than 2% of individuals trafficked are ever found.

To report suspected cases, call the South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line on 0800222777

By: Ellouise Muller

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Anti-Gang cop 'accidentally' shoots colleague in the head while at a braai

Anti-gang cop 41 years of age accidently kills friend and colleague at a braai in a private house in Franschhoek. Witnesses say the suspect took out his pistol and shot the deceased on his head, the motive is still unknown and the suspect says it was a mistake. The shooting claimed the life of fellow colleague Sergeant David Hoffman.

The suspect was one of the top cops in the triple axe murderer of Hendri Van Breda and went on helping with the conviction. He has helped in a lot of high profile cases, he was part of the investigation in the murder and rape case of Hannah Cornelius. When the incident happened both these police officers where off duty and were enjoy time off from their busy schedules. Provincial police spokesperson Novela Potelwa said police were called to the house when the shooting happened and the suspect has been detained and is set to appear in Franschhoek magistrate court.

By Chuma Matiwane

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most of the 1000 arrested were released within 72 hours

Army was deployed to assist SAPS and Metro Police and other law enforcement's agencies to help stabilize high levels of gang-related crime in our communities. With patrols lasting no longer than three hours a time, murder rates remains high.

A week ago Police Minister Bheki Cele said more than 1000 suspects have been arrested since the army was deployed. 1004 suspects were arrested, 804 wanted suspects were traced and arrested, 45 firearms were confiscated along with 1036 rounds of ammunition and drugs and substance confiscated. Because firearms were confiscated knives became the weapon of choice.

This weekend, Western Cape Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz, uncovered that most of the 1000 suspects arrested in the Cape Flats were released within 72 hours. He added that its nearly  five weeks since the army was brought in to assist the police, Cape Flats residents were beginning to question the impact of the deployment in their communities.

Albert Fritz was informed that those arrested were released within 72 hours due to detective services failure to link the arrests to crimes or complete the investigations. He added the Western Cape government has said countless times that the deployment of the army will not defeat crime in the province.

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

'Pimp' who allegedly forced woman 'to take drugs, become a prostitute’ nabbed

The 48-year-old Michael Okene Okeke, an alleged pimp, was arrested by the police, on accusations that he lured a 25-year-old female to Cape Town from Gauteng under untruthful pretenses after the two were familiarized by an acquaintance at an event two months ago. Upon arrival, the young female was supposedly locked up at a house in Brooklyn, near Milnerton, somewhere she was forced to consume drugs and become a prostitute.

A month later, while on the streets, the young female succeeded to alert a passing police automobile of her conditions before she was rescued and taken to a safe place. On Friday, Okeke made a brief attendance before Magistrate Sylvan Africa at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court where prosecutors specified they had no bail profile on the accused. The Okeke will be back in court on Friday. Although, there is not much information on the victim, Brooklyn is known for prostitution along the main road, with countless of women supposed to have been trafficked to the region and forced to into the sex trade. In March police detained Lebogang Molapo, 33, and Andy Okafor, 34, after they supposedly recruited and transported a 35-year-old females from Johannesburg in Milnerton and attempted to force her into prostitution. 

Days later she was attacked and she was kicked out of the house and she immediately reported the matter to police. According to the Salvation Army’s anti-human trafficking campaign, most sexual trafficking also includes some form of coercion such as kidnapping, threats, intimidation, assault, rape, drugging or other forms of violence.

By: Ellouise Muller

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Police say40-year-olf David Hoffman were at premises in Skool Street and was antagonized by an assembly of citizens.

On Saturday in Franschhoek, a 41-year-old police officer has been incarcerated when an off duty, anti-gang unit member, was shot and killed following an occurrence. Police say 40-year-old David Hoffman was at premises in Skool Street and was antagonized by an assembly of citizens. Following the incident police members were called to the scene. Afterwards, gunshots were fired and Hoffman was killed. The incarcerated police officer, who is also an anti-gang unit member, were with him at the stage of the incident. Police has not been able to confirm why Hoffman was antagonized by the community.

Police spokesperson Novela Potelwa an IPID investigation (Independent Police Investigative Directorate) were under way. Acting Western Cape provincial commissioner Sindile Mfazi has expressed sympathies to the family of sergeant Hoffman.

By: Ellouise Muller

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Cape motorists fear using the ‘Hell Run N2

Motorists traveling on the N2 are left fearing for their lives as many criminal activities have been happening on the N2 route. Motorists using this route have started calling it the ‘Hell Route’.

There have been reports about these criminal activities on the N2 and for the longest time the N2 route has caused fear and sorrow for those using it. Over the past few months, criminal activities and protests have escalated at an alarming rate, especially around the Helderberg area. Every second or third day you hear of the stoning of vehicles on the N2. The route is one of the busiest routes going in the CBD and for it to be unsafe doesn’t make any sense. The Helderberg crime watch group said “its nerve wrecking to have to wait and hear if your child made it to school or one your family members made it safe to work”. 

The stoning of two vehicle last Thursday caused panic and fear and this made SAPS and the government to come with a plan of action on how to protect motorist who are traveling on the N2 route especial at night.

By Chuma Matiwane

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Man, 48, to appear in Cape Town court for alleged human trafficking

A man allegedly trafficked a 25-year-old woman is to appear in court for charges of sexual trafficking. The victim was supposedly lured to come to Cape Town under false pretense by the man. In a statement the victim says she met the 48-year-old man at a party in Gauteng as they were introduced by the victim’s friend last June.

The Hawks spokesperson Philani Nkwalase “said the victim and the perpetrator traveled together to Cape Town a day after they met and on arrival she was allegedly locked up in a room in Brooklyn Cape Town, and was forced into drugs and prostitution”. The victim soon escaped and was rescued by a passing Law Enforcement car which tomb her to a place of safety. The matter was referred to the Hawks Anti human trafficking team. The 48-year-old man was identified by the victim and was arrested by the SAPS and charged for contravening the trafficking in persons act on the bill of rights.

By: Chuma Matiwane

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Alleged Cremer killer seeking bail has a pending murder case

Shiraaz Jaftha, 34, one of the three men accused of the murder of Meghan Cremer has applied for bail. Charles Daniels, 39, Jeremy Sias, 27, on Thursday in the Athlone Magistrate’s Court they specified that they would not apply for bail, although Jaftha will apply for bail on September 11. The three men all have past convictions, pending cases and a prior drug conviction, Sias has a pending car theft case and a prior assault conviction and Daniels has a pending theft case and a prior drug conviction.

Last Monday they were initially charged with the possession of Cremer’s car, but Daniels, who were raised on the farm where Cremer stayed, is alleged to pointed out to detectives where Cremer corps was found at a Philippi sand mine three days later. Three man has been charged with murder, theft of a vehicle and the possession of stolen property. It has been alleged that her murder was a gang initiation. Meghan Cremer was allegedly found fully clothed and rope had been tied around her neck.

By: Ellouise Muller

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City of Cape Town admits poor lighting spurs crime

The City of Cape Town has admitted to the poor lighting in some parts of Khayelitsha is contributing to the high rise in criminal activities. The City has been focusing and putting so much money in public lights but in the 2019/20 financial year the city has provided R63.5 million and from that R1.8million was allocated to Khayelitsha alone. The 1.8million is meant to refurbish the township as many residence have complained about the high rise in criminal activities.

Most townships not only Khayelitsha have lack of street lights and with the rise in crimes the Western Cape government is willing to ridicule and remove such cases. Reports have come saying that the City of Cape Town is planning to install 40m high mast lights in the township of Khayelitsha but that will only happen in the next 3 to 4 years to come. The lack of street lights have caused many road fatalities because pedestrians usually cannot see the care if the cars head lights are not on.

 Social Justice Coalition co-head of programs Dali Weyers said “lighting in many areas of Khayelitsha fairly poor and does not comply with the national standard”.

By: Chuma Matiwane

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

City of Cape Town urged to renovate unused buildings for social housing

The City of Cape Town is planning on renovating unused buildings for social development thus creating jobs for the people of Cape Town. Cape Town has been slammed for not doing it and the City has not had any affordable housing in the inner City. The City of Cape Town has a lot of unused building and these unused buildings attract a lot of criminal activities. 

Now that the city is planning to renovate these building there will be available to families with a household income between R1500 to R15000 a month. There city has promised to start renovating the buildings close to the informal settlements. Some of the areas identifies are Parow, Avondale, Elsies River, and the Tygerberg vicinity. Melusi Booi member of the human settlement mayoral committee said “there are no unused city buildings in the inner city. There housing development is at risk in Cape Town because of privately owned land where the government might have an issues building on the privately owned land.

Melusi Booi also said “the city’s human settlements directorate is expected to deliver projects to the value of R2,7billion over the next three years”.

By Chuma Matiwane

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The youth of every decade has its own challenges, and in this decade unemployment, lack of affordable housing, pressure of materialism, substance abuse but most importantly gangsterism is at the forefront.

In bloodcurdling evidence in the Western Cape High Court, a gang member in witness protection, told of an army of gangsters belonging to one gang operating in the province and reporting to one of the most notorious gang leaders.

The Terrible Josters gang member is a State witness in the trial of alleged Terrible Josters gang leader Horatio Solomons, and 11 other members. He told the court that the gang consisted of 10 000 members aka mongrels operating in various parts of the Western Cape.

The state claims that Solomons and his members are facing 77 charges including 11 murders, dealing in drugs, money laundering, illegal possession of firearms and contravention of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act. The accused is the son of the sister of Ernie “Lastig” Solomons who is the alleged leader of the 28s gang, who also styled himself as a pigeon farmer and rapper. Piegeon farmer? How wholesome.

Asked by Menigo to detail the leadership of the Terrible Josters gang, the witness said that Horatio is the leader of the Terrible Josters in Delft, Wesbank, Elsies River and Kleinmond. He has met all the other leaders of this gang in Hawston at Club Octopus, where they attended birthday celebrations of Ernie Lastig on August 4th  2013.

 “At that gatherings Ernest Solomons talked to the different leaders and they gave him feedback. Of the leaders who attended the gatherings were Theo Doppie from the Mongrels, Basil Seven leader of the Terrible Josters in Bishop Lavis, Terrible Josters leaders from Kreefgat and Bonteheuwel and the leader of the Mongrels in Ottery. We have 10 000 gang members spread all over the Western Cape.”

On the hand sign used by the Terrible Josters, the witness explained that if he saluted a member with an open hand showing towards the member it meant he had no problem with him and came in peace. But if he greeted a member showing the back of his hand it signified that he didn't come in peace.


By: Aneeqa du Plessis

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tackling issues that is holding back the Western Cape.

Last month Premier Alan Winde of the economic war room promised as the first pillar in his (Sopa) State of the Province Address, begun procedures observing issues that is holding back the Western Cape’s economic progress.

Harvard University and facilitation support from Wesgro are funding the war room, which focuses on job creations. There are five groups of between five and eight officials from across City of Cape Town department and provincial. The war room reports to Mayor Dan Plato and premier, who together lead the economic war room, as well as to key provincial and city principals. Winde said: ‘’The Red Tape Reduction Unit has been hugely successful and we will be further expanding its focus.’’ He has placed his faith in the Red Tape Reduction Unit, whose members will also be playing a role in war room. Winde also mentioned that ensuring there was safe, reliable transport for residents meant they would be able to access work and economic opportunities more easily.

The areas where the war room would focus on investing in the Atlantis Special, BPO, Commuter mobility, Economic Zone, and Tech. Winde also mentioned that guaranteeing there was safe, reliable transport for citizens meant they would be able to access work and economic opportunities more easily.

By: Ellouise Muller

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4357 cop guns missing

Bush Radio Interns took to the street to ask the public about the rise in missing police guns.
Gang violence in the Western Cape is at an all-time high because gangs now have unlicensed guns and people are wondering if are these gangsters are working with the police to get these guns. There have been reports saying over 4357 police guns have gone missing or stolen from the police over the past years. These figures were revealed by the minister of police Bheki Cele when his was recently asked by the FF Plus leader Mr. Pieter Groenewald.

The amount of these lost guns is shocking and most of the public believe the police might be working with the police. The FF Plus leader said “no wonder violent crime is out of control, the police service seems to be the biggest provider of illegal ammunition”. In Cape Town recently police seized four police fire arms from an Elsies River gang. Reports says the top 3 provinces with large number of missing police guns and ammunition are Eastern Cape, Western Cape and the Gauteng province.

Minister Bheki Cele said that the government wants to impose stricter conditions for the possession of firearms for self-defense in an attempt to reduce violent crimes.

By: Chuma Matiwane


Forced removal victims from Simon's Town feel like a forgotten community

The apartheid force removals caused a lot unhappiness to most of the Cape Town informal settlers. Many people who lived close to the then “white only areas” were forced to leave their homes and were placed in informal areas to accommodate white people. There has been an ongoing process to compensate the people who were affected. The victims from the Simon Town forced removals are feeling neglected or ignored by the Western Cape government as the ongoing restitution program is not focusing on them. The residence of the areas in the Simon's Town vicinity such as Ocean View are feeling ignored on their land claims.

Residence from Dido Valley are feeling the most ignored as they feel like the government has completely forgotten about. The communities’ complaints are that they are completely out of the conversation regarding land claims. Suzette Farmer chairperson of the committee said “the redevelopment of Dido Valley and Luyolo is a bitter sweet one as they were one the first communities to be evicted in 1965”. Since the process of restitution began, community members from the areas of Ocean View, Dido Valley, Luyolo, Seaforth and Red-hill want to know why they are not part of the restitution conversation.

Cecilia Thiem from Human Settlement said “when housing projects commence they do not target specific areas or try to find beneficiaries and that all housing project must utilize the housing wait list (Database)”.

By: Chuma Matiwane


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

50 Delft residents are now homeowners

50 Delft residents are now homeowners.

Tertius Simmer, MEC for Human Settlements handed over 50 title deeds to residents of Delft. The Department’s Enhanced Extended Discount Benefit Scheme made this handover possible, this scheme promotes home ownership of before 1994 government-owned rental housing. The goal of this handover for the department is to prioritise the elderly for housing opportunities in Western Cape.

Residents were able to benefit through the scheme as sale agreements with debtors who did not honour their agreements, were cancelled. Voorbug, Eindhoven, The Hague and Roosendal are where the 50 beneficiaries hail from.

People have been waiting for years for this opportunity and finally their patience has been rewarded.

Done By
Jasmine Johnosn-Mazwi
News Editor


Thanks to recent rainfall, Western Cape dams are filling up.

Thanks to recent rainfall, Western Cape dams are filling up.

Most of Western Cape’s state-owned dams were on average 64% full with a 12% increase last year. Last year this time, residents in the Western Cape were nervous around the threat of day zero. The Department of Water and Sanitation said that Western Cape’s largest dam levels had seen an increase since the start of winter.

According to Eyewitness News Water and Sanitation department spokesperson Sputnik Ratau said six of the provinces largest dams reached a capacity of 80%. He added the Department remains concerned around the slow recovery of dam levels in the Southern Cape and Karoo region.

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