Friday, March 24, 2023

World TB Day 2023 aims to take Action to End TB, Get Screened, End Stigma, Save Lives.

The first step is to encourage people to get screened for TB and tear down the stigma that still surrounds TB and discourage people from testing and screening and also ensure that those who are diagnosed complete their course of treatment for a full recovery.

The National Department of Health and National TB Think Tank have released a TB recovery plan to reverse the losses incurred during the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns.

This year the State of TB Report takes more in-depth look at the governance of TB programmes in South Africa and focuses on what is needed to bring about coherence in the implementation of TB programmes. The World Health Organisation defines governance.


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CoCT urges EFF to remove National Shutdown posters or face more fines

The City of Cape Town says it is in the process of removing EFF posters regarding the National Shutdown, across the metro.

PICTURE - Twitter @EFF_Cape_Metro: Ward 32 in Atlantis, Zone 3 led by the Branch Chairperson erecting the National Shutdown poster

In his capacity as the Mayco member for spatial planning and environment, Eddie Andrews, said to date, the City has removed 400 posters in Cape Town and the charge for the removal is R514 per poster. Andrews said the removal cost stands, as of Thursday, at more than R205 000.

‘’The EFF erected [the posters] illegally across the metro over the past few weeks. Furthermore, the party will be charged for the removal of these posters in accordance with the City’s Outdoor Advertising and Signage By-law,’’ said Andrews.

According to Andrews, the EFF was not granted permission by the municipality to erect the posters advertising their shutdown.

‘’Councillor Mzubanzi Dambuza, the EFF's Chief Whip, was informed in February 2023 that these posters would not be allowed as it contravened Schedule 11 of the Outdoor Advertising and Signage By-law. Yet, the EFF proceeded without the City's permission.’’

‘’Leading up to 20 March 2023, City staff and a City contractor proceeded to remove as many illegal posters as possible, sometimes under escort from Law Enforcement due to threats. In some areas it was simply too dangerous to remove these posters,’’ added Eddie Andrews, Mayco member for spatial planning and environment.

Andrews is giving the red berets an opportunity to remove the remaining posters and avoid the cost of their removal.

‘’As with any other unauthorised signage displayed in the City, the cost of removing these posters will be recovered from the EFF so that we do not spend a cent of ratepayers' money to recover the expenses in labour, fuel, and other resources.’’

‘’The City regularly undertakes proactive enforcement to remove illegal and unauthorised signs from streetlight poles, traffic signal poles, electrical or service boxes, street furniture, walls, fences, trees, and other structures. We also take action when residents report illegal signs through the City's C3 service notification system. I encourage residents to please keep on reporting illegal posters and to provide us with the exact location so that we can remove these,’’ added the mayco member.

Andrews said the EFF was in contravention of the City’s by-law.

‘’The by-law regulates outdoor advertising in a manner that facilitates economic opportunities, but is also sensitive to Cape Town's natural and cultural environment. This is very important as each suburb has unique visual, historical and cultural value and appeal and we must protect and promote our city's sense of place, heritage, scenic routes and tourist destinations.’’

‘’Outdoor signage must be located at appropriate locations, and this is why the by-law guides the City when we assess applications. I encourage all to please comply with this by-law and to submit applications for outdoor signage to the City for approval prior to installation,’’ added Eddie Andrews, Mayco member for spatial planning and environment.


* This blog will be updated as soon as we get comment from the EFF’s Cape Metro.


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Free State cops bust motorist with 16 refuse bags full of abalone

A Free State man was expected to appear in court soon after he was arrested with 16 refuse bags filled with abalone.

The police spokesperson Sergeant Martin Xuma said the man was arrested on Wednesday at a roadblock on the N6 highway at Reddersburg.

The 26-year-old man was driving a sedan with Eastern Cape registration and travelling from Gqeberha to Bloemfontein when he was arrested.

Police found more than 700 abalones in the vehicle. The suspect is facing a charge of unlawful possession of abalone.


                                        Picture: SAPS

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Malusi Booi fired as CoCT's Mayco Member for Human Settlements

Malusi Booi was let go from his position as the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral committee member for Human Settlements.

PICTURED - CoCT: Malusi Booi

Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis removed Booi with immediate effect on Thursday afternoon, following his initial suspension, last week.

Hill-Lewis said Booi’s removal from Mayco follows an updated briefing from the South African Police Services (SAPS) regarding progress that they have made in their investigation into alleged fraud and corruption. Booi will however remain a councillor.

‘’I have received an updated briefing from the SAPS regarding their investigation, and on this basis, have decided to remove Councillor Malusi Booi from his position on the Mayoral Committee with immediate effect. While Councillor Booi has not been charged, the matters under investigation are to my mind serious enough to warrant immediate action to protect the integrity of our government.

‘’I have further assured the SAPS of the City's full support in the ongoing investigation. The City has a zero tolerance approach to fraud and corruption and I will not hesitate to act in the interests of good governance,’’ added Geordin Hill-Lewis, Cape Town Mayor.

In the interim, James Vos will continue as Acting Mayco Member for Human Settlements.

The GOOD party welcomed the removal of Malusi Booi, but is in the view that Hill-Lewis knew about the arrest before hand.

‘’The investigation into these allegations at the Human Settlements Directorate has been ongoing for sometime, with officials raising alarm as far back as 2020. The public deserves an honest update. The Mayor must provide clarity on what more he learned about Booi’s conduct that he did not know last week, when he announced his “suspension’’,’’ said Suzette Little, GOOD Councillor & Caucus Chairperson.

‘’Moreover, the Mayor has had access to a City funded forensic investigation into housing corruption, and unless that investigation was selective, the Mayor must have been aware of information that implicated Booi long before the raid. The Mayor needs to explain why he waited until now to act,’’ she added.

Little questioned the Cape Town mayor’s actions to fire Booi, but not Nora Grose. Grose is being investigated for the alleged misappropriation of funds intended for food relief relating to COVID-19.

‘’While it’s encouraging to see the City taking swift steps in this regard, GOOD is concerned about the ongoing secrecy around these allegations and investigation when this case involves public funds. The Mayor’s decision to sack Booi also raises the issue of Nora Grose once again, as she is currently being defended with the help of public funds when she’s already charged in the Commercial Crimes Court. The City cannot continue to ignore questions around this inconsistency.’’

‘’Mayor Hill-Lewis must come clean and act transparently if he is serious about clean governance, and this includes sharing info with the public he was elected to serve,’’ added Suzette Little, GOOD Councillor & Caucus Chairperson.

The EFF shared the same sentiments as GOOD party, but has called on the City of Cape Town to do a lifestyle audit on Booi. The party has also called on the municipality to probe all Human Settlements officials.

‘’Under Geordin hill-Lewis mayoralty, we have already seen two suspensions of MMCs. This includes Water and Sanitation mayco member Zahid Badroodien who was removed from office for tempering with an electricity meter. This makes us question whether the DA is really running a ‘’clean government’’ with a ‘’clean audit’’,’’ said Ntsikeleleo Tyandela, EFF Cape Metro Chairperson.

‘’It is no secret that Human Settlement under the leadership of Malusi Booi has been a playground for gangsters, who receive tenders through corrupt measures. If gangsters were not receiving corrupt tenders, they extorted companies that received tenders from human Settlements under Malusi Booi. This is evident in the tender project in Symphony Way, in Delft, wherein an official was murdered due to extortion. Malusi Booi is yet to be investigated for this murder. JP Smith militarized the City of Cape Town using Law Enforcement against the EFF peaceful shutdown. However, he is failing to use the same Law Enforcement to stop the extortion taking place in the human settlements projects,’’ he added.

Tyandela says just like Booi, Nora Grose, should also be given the boot.

‘’The EFF in Cape Metro calls for the DA to use the same energy it is using to deal with Malusi Booi to deal with Nora Grose. The DA must not be a coward and racist in its approach… The DA has spent nearly R500 000 in legal fees defending Nora. This is a racist act to save a white face from being accused of corruption; this is because, in the eyes of the DA, whiteness is a goddess. The EFF calls for the DA to fire Cllr. Nora Grose for fraud and money laundering allegations,’’ said Ntsikeleleo Tyandela, EFF Cape Metro Chairperson.


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Thursday, March 23, 2023

'Light spark' delays Deputy President's Q&A session

The National Assembly sitting which is scheduled to conduct questions for oral reply by the Deputy President, Paul Mashatile, on Thursday afternoon, was delayed due to a spark and smoke emanating from a light at one of the offices in the Goodhope Building, which houses the National Assembly Chamber.

PICTURE: Parliament

Parliament’s spokesperson, Moloto Mothapo said that a light capacitor caused the spark, whose smoke triggered the fire alarm within the building.

‘’The sitting had to be delayed as a precautionary measure to ensure safety of Members of Parliament and staff. The spark did not cause any fire and there was no immediate danger to the occupants of the building.’’

Mothapo said the House will resume once the fire alarms are deactivated.

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Life-size bronze statue of Archbishop Desmond Tutu will be unveiled in Century City

A life-size bronze statue of Archbishop Desmond Tutu will be unveiled in Century City, Cape Town on Thursday.

The life-size statue of the late Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu will join the other 100 iconic resistance leaders in Long March to Freedom.

PICTURE: Century City - Long March To Freedom

‘Long March to Freedom’ is a one-of-a-kind monumental procession of life-size bronze statues, telling a 350-year story of South Africa’s liberation history through the lives of the persons represented. Some of those depicted are well known - Nelson and Winnie Mandela, Beyers Naude, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Luthuli, OR Tambo, to name but a few.

The unveiling of Tutu’s statue falls part of South Africa’s commemoration of Human Rights Month.

Desmond passed away at the age of 90 in December 2021.

The sculpture is created by Cape Town artists Cristina Salvoldi and Tania Lee, and cast by the Loup Fine Art Foundry in White River, Mpumulanga.

‘’But there are many more whose stories have been lost over time. It is an immersive and moving experience as visitors connect with the lives of the persons so vividly created in bronze - from the Khoi leaders of the 1600’s, to proud Xhosa and Zulu Kings, warriors, prophets and clerics, to the men and women who led the liberation movements through the dark years of apartheid in South Africa, the procession is a sweeping narrative of pride in the country’s diverse history and cultures. This is the place to rediscover your roots and reflect as the country seeks answers to current socio-economic issues and deep questions of identity,’’ said Century City in a statement.

CEO of the National Heritage Project NPC, developers, owners, and operators of the Long March to Freedom, Dali Tambo, said a statue of the late Tutu was always on the cards.

“It had always been planned to include Desmond Tutu in a place of high honour as soon after his sad passing as possible.”

“Local and international visitors ask daily why he isn’t included, and our answer is always – we have the design, but we don’t have the funds to complete the statue. We are deeply grateful, as the rest of the world will be, that Woolworths SA stepped in and agreed to cover the costs of making the bronze. It is our belief that adding this iconic and much-loved individual to Long March to Freedom will raise its profile and encourage other corporates to follow the Woolworths lead and support the ongoing existence of this incredible exhibition” added Tambo.

CEO, Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation, Janet Jobson, could not contain the foundation’s excitement of the news of the life-size bronze statue.

“[We are] thrilled that the Arch is going to be so honoured and included in Long March to Freedom! We are looking forward to collaborating going forward, telling the story of the Arch and all the stalwarts who preceded him.”

The life-size bronze statue of the late Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu, will only be accessible for the public on Friday.

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Truck driver accused of causing multi-vehicle crash in KZN claims he is innocent

A 22-year-old truck driver accused of causing a multi-vehicle accident in Durban over two weeks ago says he plans to plead not guilty.

Sithulile Zulu, who faces reckless and negligent driving charges, appeared in a packed Durban Magistrate's Court on Thursday for his bail application.

According to an affidavit read out in court, Zulu denies the charges against him. His bail bid has been postponed to 31 March, for the State to verify a copy of his driver's licence, which was submitted in court on Thursday.

Almost 50 vehicles were damaged in the crash.


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Western Cape Government takes the GBV campaign to Delft

The Western Cape Government took its “Break the Cycle” media campaign to Delft.

The campaign follows the journey of a man who was exposed to violence and abuse in his home as a child. He realized he was about to repeat the cycle with his own family and sought help.

Western Cape’s Social Development MEC, Sharna Fernandez said that these discussions are called ‘Courageous Conversations’ because it is not easy speaking about said trauma and how to break the cycle of violence in homes.

“We have taken this video to various communities, from Khayelitsha to Leeu Gamka to Delft, and we will continue. My hope is that those who participate in the campaign will go on to share the information and available resources with others. We wish to spark more of these conversations, because if we all do our bit to root out violence in the spaces we occupy, the Western Cape will be a safer place.”

Fernandez was accompanied by provincial Police Oversight and Community Safety MEC, Reagen Allen, who spoke to residents in Delft, as well as current and past participants of the Cape Outdoor Adventure Service and Training (COAST) NPO, about the campaign.

PICTURE- WCG: Western Cape's Social Development MEC, Sharna Fernandez and Police Oversight & community Safety MEC, Reagen Allen with provincial DSD staff


According to Fernandez, Delft residents especially men, were keen to share their insights after watching the “Break the Cycle” video and listening to the radio advert.

DSD social workers were also present to provide psychosocial support, where needed.

For anyone in need of assistance, including counselling, services can be accessed by visiting your nearest DSD office, or by contacting one of the funded NPO partners. Services can also be accessed by calling the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre on 0800 428 428. More information about services can be found on


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Three arrested for hijacking car in Zandvlei

Western Cape police arrested three suspects in the Muizenberg area on Wednesday, for alleged hijacking.

The police’s FC van Wyk said members of the SAPS Dog Unit, assisted by Maitland Flying Squad, located a stolen vehicle driving in Main Road, Muizenberg.

‘’The SAPS members attempted to pull the vehicle off, but the vehicle, a blue Mercedes Benz, refused to stop. A high speed chase ensued through the streets of Muizenberg, which ended when the stolen motor vehicle collided with the boundary fence of a residence in Promenade Road,’’ said Captain F.C van Wyk.

‘’The three occupants of the vehicle attempted to flee, but were arrested by the SAPS members. It was determined that the vehicle had been stolen earlier today [Wednesday], during a housebreaking in Table View,’’ he added.

Images gone viral show police pinning down the hijackers, after it is believed that gunfire was exchanged.

COURTESY: Twitter - @Abramjee 

The three suspects who were injured during the arrest were detained at Muizenberg SAPS.

Van Wyk said the trio, aged 23, 30 and 34, are all residents of Westlake.

‘’Muizenberg SAPS are looking into connecting the suspects to a spate of theft out of motor vehicles, which occurred on Ou-Kaapse Weg. The members were commended for the excellent arrest,’’ said Captain F.C van Wyk.


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Water scarcity under the spotlight in two-day Western Cape indaba

Western Cape Premier, Alan Winde attended the Western Cape Water Indaba in Cape Town, on Wednesday.

This comes as Wednesday marked World Water Day.

The two-day Indaba aims to bring together the three spheres of government, as well as experts in the field of water management and conservation, to discuss measures to manage this precious resource.

Studies by the Western Cape government found that overall, the annual growth rate of new water demand appears to remain higher than the population growth rate for the Western Cape.

The Western Cape 15-year Integrated Drought and Water Response Plan (WCIDWRP)– coordinated by the Western Cape Department of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning -  was detailed at the Indaba. This is the provincial government’s plan to strategically manage current and future water supply and demand.

‘’The strategy is a proactive, whole-of-government, and whole-of-society strategy to ensure the province’s water supply and demand are adequately managed going forward. This bold plan involves multiple Western Cape Government (WCG) departments working in concert to more optimally use water and invest more in water infrastructure. It looks at a short-term outlook that focuses on drought response and a long-term outlook that examines and plots out resilience planning,’’ said Alan Winde, Western Cape Premier.

“As catastrophic as the energy crisis is, it has and continues to teach us lessons, namely around thinking ahead, being proactive, taking precautions, and being prepared. From this crisis, we have to draw critical lessons on ensuring we manage a separate but equally important crisis: water scarcity,” said the Premier at the Indaba.

SUPPLIED - WCG: Western Cape Premier at the Western cap[e water Indaba

The Western Cape’s Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning MEC, Anton Bredell, reflected on Capetonians Day Zero

“It may be a cliché to say, ‘Water is life,’ but it is absolutely true. We came very close to this truth in Cape Town with Day Zero. We have since asked ourselves what we should do differently to prevent a similar situation in the future. It is a simple question, but the answer is complex. Due to climate change, the Western Cape is predicted to experience hotter and drier summers. We also have a fast-growing population and we need water for economic growth. As a government we have a responsibility to look after the most vulnerable in our province. This means a basket of free services, which includes safe and clean water. The 15-Year Western Cape Integrated Drought and Water Response Plan is our answer to these questions.”

Currently, dam levels in the Western Cape stand at 49.2%, this is a 0.3% decrease from last week. At the same time last year, dams in the province stood at 62.1%. Meanwhile, damns supplying the City of Cape Town stands at 55.4% compared to last week's 56.2%. Dams supplying the metro last year stood at 74.1%.


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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Belhar to get a new police station

The City of Cape Town has approved the transfer of a piece of land to National Government for the construction of a new police station in Belhar.

The application was discussed at a Special meeting held in November 2022, before serving before the municipality’s mayoral committee.

Belhar currently has a satellite police station, situated on the corners of Platteklip & Arundel Road, Belhar.

The City of Cape Town’s mayco member for Safety and Security, JP Smith said a purchase price of R4.9 million was made and being 25% of the full market value of R19.8 million is payable.

‘’This discounted (25%) sale of land to national government to enable them to build a new Belhar police station demonstrates the willingness of the City to support a cooperative approach to policing.’’

‘’Earlier this week, that cooperation was once more on display as enforcement agencies across the various spheres of government joined forces with private agencies and community structures to successfully mitigate the impact of the attempted national shutdown,’’ he added.

Smith has welcomed the transfer.

‘’Public safety continues to be one of our biggest priorities, and the resource challenges faced by SAPS in the Western Cape, and Cape Town, are well documented.’’

‘’We need more boots on the ground, as well as police stations; and we are hopeful that the discounted sale of this piece of land will see meaningful progress being made in the not too distant future,’’ added JP Smith, Mayco member for Safety and Security.

The transfer is now subject to final approval by full Council.


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Nyanga-Cape Town train line back on track

Metrorail Western Cape has this week introduced the Nyanga to Cape Town service after completing trial runs with the yellow/grey trainset.

PICTURE: Metrorail Western Cape

The train service, which was inoperative since November 2019, is an extension of the Cape Town to Langa service on the Central Line and will stop at Bonteheuwel and Langa stations as refurbishment work continues at Netreg and Heideveld stations.

‘’Commuters must note that the train will depart from Nyanga station to Mutual station, where commuters will be able to connect to a train to Cape Town. Commuters travelling to Cape Town via Pinelands can connect with the train numbers that start with ‘95’ from Langa to Cape Town. Commuters will also be able connect to the Northern Corridor (Bellville, Kraaifontein, Eerste Rivier and Wellington),’’ said Zino Mihi, acting provincial spokesperson for Metrorail.

‘’As the region, we are happy to fulfil our obligations as a community-driven service provider of mass public transportation within the Cape Town Metropole, in particular the lower and middle-income customers. The Central Line is one of our biggest contributors to revenue collection and our commuter base,’’ added Mihi.


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World Water Day 2023

World Water day is held on the 22nd of March annually and aims to highlight the importance of fresh water and advocate for its sustainable management. 

In South Africa’ both the failing water infrastructure and the ever-increasing population have exacerbated the country’s water crisis. This consistent population crease, along with substandard water infrastructure, and low rainfall in recent years, has caused a severe water crisis. 


According to the department, almost 25-30% of South Africa’s water is lost due to leakages and failing infrastructure. An estimated 70 million litres of water are lost daily due to faulty infrastructure. On top of South Africa’s failing infrastructure, since about 2015, the country has seen record-low levels of rain, likely caused by anthropogenic climate change. 

The effects of these problems are felt in regions such as the Nelson Mandela Bay metro in the Eastern Cape. This area has experienced water shortages for nearly eight years straight. As it currently stands, the area’s water supply is in the worst position it has been to date. 

Currently, dam levels in the Western Cape stand at 49.2%, this is a 0.3% decrease from last week. At the same time last year, dams stood at 62.1%. Meanwhile, damns supplying the City of Cape Town stand at 55.4% compared to last week's 56.2%. This is a major decrease from last year's 74.1%. 

Water and sanitation are fundamental human rights, needed for complete health and well-being. Billions of people still lack access, and millions in South Africa still suffer daily because of poor infrastructure and lack of access to clean water. Do your part this National Water Week to reach the national and world target of universal access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030.  

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More than 51 000 online school applications for 2024 were received in the Western Cape

More than 51 000 online school applications for 2024 were received in the Western Cape by Thursday.

The Western Cape’s Education Department (WCED) opened its online application process on 13 March.

“As of midday on Monday, 20 March 2023, we have received applications for 51 629 learners for the 2024 school year. With parents applying for more than one school for their children, the total number of individual applications to schools received in the first three days of the applications window is 177 714,’’ said David Maynier, Western Cape’s Education MEC.


Maynier says the department experienced a few glitches, but attributed it to a new system the WCED installed.

‘’We have had a few technical niggles along the way, which is par for the course with the change to a new system. However, the move away from the notoriously unstable national government State Information and Technology Agency system has proved to be the right one.

‘’While SITA services experienced outages last week, our admissions system has remained up and running since the applications window opened, and the stability of our site has meant that parents have been able to submit more applications successfully in the first week than last year,’’ he added.

The MEC urged parents who experience technical problems, to log a query using the “contact us” option at the top of the admissions page. Maynier said parents will be assisted by officials with to resolve any technical issues.


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Three men were swept by waves in Hermanus

A man has drowned after swimming in Hermanus on Tuesday. The NSRI said that 3 men believe to be Zimbabweans were swept by waves into the surf off rocks on the shoreline in front of the Windsor Hotel, central Hermanus.

“On arrival on the scene it was found two men had managed to reach the shore and were safely out of the water,” said The NSRI duty coxswain Jean le Roux Le Roux.

Le Roux added that a search commenced for a missing man. He said the man was located and recovered from the surf onto the NSRI rescue craft and he was brought to the NSRI Hermanus rescue station where CPR [cardiopulmonary resuscitation] efforts were commenced by NSRI medics. Further adding that they were joined by Western Cape Government health EMS paramedics.

                                                         Picture: NSRI

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Two sisters killed after taxi collides into them in Mitchell's Plain

A 22-year-old man appeared in a Cape Town court on Monday on a charge of culpable homicide.

Two sisters, 6-year-old Nishaat Thomas, and her 1-year-old sister Nurah were in a fatal accident on the corner of Merrydale and Wespoort Drive in Portland, Mitchells Plain, just around 16:30 on Friday, 3 March.

SUPPLIED - Facebook - Mariam Armien Sterras: Nurah Thomas, 1, and her 6-year-old sister, Nishaat.

It’s understood their father, who fetched Nurah at the crèche, was on their way home, when a Toyota Quantum van allegedly smashed into his Opel Corsa. The 6-year-old was also in the car.

‘’Two minors were transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment as a result of injuries sustained during the collision. A six years old girl was declared deceased by the medical personnel whilst the one year old child sustained serious injuries and later died due to injuries sustained,’’ said Captain FC van Wyk.

It is alleged that the taxi driver had jumped a red traffic light and was without a valid driver’s license or taxi permit.

Western Cape police arrested the suspect at his home in Kraaifontein on Saturday, 11 March.

The DA in the Western Cape has expressed its outrage by the killing of two children, believed to be sisters, in Portland, Mitchells Plain.

The DA’s Western Cape Spokesperson on Mobility, Derrick America, said he will be writing to Mobility MEC, Ricardo Makenzie, calling for swift action and to engage with the taxi industry in the province to find long-term solutions to prevent such incidents from happening in the future

‘’The incident highlights the urgent need for stricter regulations and enforcement of the taxi industry in the Western Cape. Furthermore, the new Provincial Department of Mobility will ensure the strict enforcement of traffic laws and harsher penalties for those who violate them. Keeping unsafe drivers and unroadworthy cars off our streets translate directly to more lives saved on our roads.’’

America says he invited Mackenzie to appear before the Western Cape’s Standing Committee on Transport on 4 April 2023, to measures and plans are in place to regulate the taxi industry and keep road users safe.


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Driver arrested in Mitchell's Plain for hijacked vehicle

A driver was arrested in Mitchell’s Plain on Monday for being in possession of a hijacked vehicle.

The arrests were made through a joint operation by City Law Enforcement Auxiliary Officers, SAPS Flying Squad, and Law Enforcement Advancement Plan (LEAP) officers.

PICTURE: Pixabay

The City’s Wayne Dyason said City Law Enforcement Auxiliary Officers were assisting at a house fire in Kensington on Monday night, when they received information that a hijacked VW Golf 4 was in the area, which was hijacked in Mitchells Plain the previous day.

‘’After following up on further information, the officers continued their search which brought them to Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain. With the assistance of SAPS  Flying Squad, they combed the streets in search of the vehicle. After approximately 30 minutes of searching, the Auxiliary Officers spotted the vehicle in Dolomites Street with multiple occupants.’’

‘’The officers made contact with the flying squad vehicle and while turning around, the driver of the vehicle spotted officers and began to drive off in an attempt to evade officers. After a short pursuit through the streets of Tafelsig, the driver of the vehicle lost control on a corner in Magaliesberg Crescent, causing the vehicle to collide with the sidewalk and a tyre to burst, forcing them to a stop,’’ added Wayne Dyason, City of Cape town’s Law Enforcement Inspector.

Dyason said the occupants fled the vehicle, fleeing in multiple directions, but officers managed to arrest the driver after a short foot pursuit.

‘’SAPS Flying Squad arrived seconds behind the officers and assisted with crowd control and booking in of the hijacked vehicle. Mitchells Plain LEAP arrived shortly after and assisted with transporting the suspect to Mitchells Plain SAPS.’’

The suspect was arrested and will appear in the Mitchell’s Plain Magistrates Court soon.

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Police confiscate dagga worth half a million rands in Paarl

 PHOTO: Dagga

On Tuesday, Provincial Flying Squad arrested a 24-year-old following a tip-off about dagga on a long distance bus, that was en-route to Cape Town.

Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie said officers pulled over the bus on the N1 freeway in Paarl and conducted a search.

“Members found 10,35 kg of compressed dagga in the possession of a suspect on the bus. They confiscated the dagga and arrested the 24 year old suspect and detained him at Paarl SAPS on a case of possession and dealing of dagga.”

The suspect is expected to appear in the Paarl Magistrates’ court on Thursday on mentioned charges.


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More than 550 arrested during EFF national shutdown

More than 550 protestors were arrested for amongst others public violence, intimidation, damage to critical infrastructure, theft and attempted looting.

The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (Natjoints) gave an update regarding Monday’s National shutdown.

According to NATJOINTS, Gauteng recorded the highest number of arrests with 149, followed by the Northern Cape with 95 arrests, the Eastern Cape also saw 80 protestors arrested, and the Free State saw 64 people in handcuffs.

Brigadier Athlenda Mathe said the number of tyres that were confiscated throughout the country remains at 24 300.

‘’These were tyres that were strategically placed for acts of criminality. In conclusion, the Natjoints wishes to thank various stakeholders from members of the public and the business fraternity for working together with law enforcement to uphold and enforce the law,’’ she said.

PICTURE - Esona Mfazwe: EFF protesting in Cape Town

Meanwhile, EFF leader Julius Malema has hailed Monday's nationwide protests as a great success.

Malema joined hundreds of EFF members, supported by several other organisations, in a march to the Mahlamba Ndlopfu presidential residence in Tshwane on Monday.

"This is the most successful shutdown ever in the history of struggle in South Africa," Malema told supporters at Church Square in Pretoria.

"On my way here they said they are cancelling load shedding for today because there is no demand for electricity today.

Malema said some will say the shutdown was unsuccessful as there was no looting or burning of property.

"Buses and taxis are driving around the townships and cities empty, because our people have heeded the call of the EFF to not allow the country to be business as usual, and call for the resignation of Cyril Ramaphosa. The success of the national shutdown so far proves that our people are sick and tired of load shedding, corruption, unemployment, crime, gender-based violence and a lack of service delivery," added Malema.


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Monday, March 20, 2023

Two driving test centre examiners in Garden Route arrested for fraud

The Hawks have arrested two examiners of motor vehicles at a private Vehicle Testing Station in the Garden Route District on Friday, for alleged fraudulent activities.

This follows several months of investigation and evidence gathering, between the Hawks and officials from the Department of Transport and Public Works’ Transport Administration and Licensing Directorate.

The arrests were made following suspicions of alleged fraudulent activities, including the issuing of Certificates of Roadworthiness for unroadworthy vehicles – with vehicles often not even appearing at the testing station before the issuing of a CRW.

Western Cape’s Mobility MEC, Ricardo Mackenzie, welcomed the arrest.

“We have a responsibility to keep our roads safe for all road users. Unscrupulous and criminal officials or private sector testing station operators who make themselves guilty of fraud or corruption in this space must know that they endanger the lives of children, families and all road users when they allow unroadworthy vehicles and unqualified drivers onto our roads.”

“Failed or worn brakes on a bus, truck, minibus – or any vehicle for that matter – could lead to a catastrophic crash with multiple fatalities. Perpetrators must know that we show zero tolerance for these crimes and we trust that the National Prosecuting Authority will act swiftly to ensure successful prosecutions.”

“We know the immense trauma and grief caused by just one accident with multiple passengers killed, especially if it could have been avoided. Cutting corners with road safety checks is simply not worth it. We all have a responsibility to play our part in making sure our roads are safe for everyone,” concluded Ricardo Mackenzie, Western Cape’s Mobility MEC.


Done by: Mitchum George

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Government deploys thousands of soldiers for planned protest

The South African Government has sent soldiers to various parts of the country to avoid any damage to infrastructure and other key installations.

Parliament Speaker Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and National Council of Provinces chairperson Amos Masondo have confirmed that they received a letter from the head of state that thousands of soldiers have been deployed across the country before the shutdown.

According to Parliament, President Cyril Ramaphosa told the two presiding officers that more than 3 400 soldiers had been deployed from this weekend until April 17 and the government is expected to spend over R166 million for the deployment of the army for the period set out by the president.

“The correspondence to the presiding officers, dated March 17, indicated that 3 474 members of the SANDF have been deployed, effective from March 17 to April 17. The employment is in line with section 201(2) of the Constitution and section 19 of the Defence Act. An amount of R166 562 058 is expected to be incurred for this deployment,” said Parliament.


Done by: Alungile Njemla

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Suspects arrested in WC for drugs and abalaone

A 46-year-old woman was arrested in Wolseley in the Cape Winelands, for being in possession of drugs worth about R741 000.

The police’s Joseph Swartbooi said officers were busy with stop and search operations on Saturday, when they followed up on information and proceeded to an address in Madini Street, Pinevalley.

‘’Upon arrival at the identified address they ensued with a  search of the house and the occupants. They went the extra mile and started to search the yard, where they found 24 700 mandrax tablets packaged and hidden in the garden,’’ said Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi.


Meanwhile, four suspects were arrested in Piketberg for being in possession of drugs. Swartbooi said officers conducted vehicle check point on the N7 Highway during integrated operations on Saturday.


‘’During these operations they searched a suspicious vehicle and its occupants which resulted in the confiscation of a total of two thousand and three mandrax tablets and methamphetamine with an estimated street value of R300 000. Four suspects were arrested and detained on a charge of dealing in drugs,’’ said Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi.


In an unrelated incident, five suspects, aged between 23 and 45, were arrested in Muizenberg, after they could not provide documents for being in possession of abalone.

‘’Maitland Flying Squad pursued information about two suspicious vehicle roaming the area of Muizenberg. The members proceeded to the area where they spotted the vehicles, they stopped both vehicles and conducted an intense search. They ultimately found and confiscated 194 units of abalone inside the trunk of vehicles.’’


Once charged the suspects are expected to make their respective court appearances in the Wolseley, Piketberg and Muizenberg Magistrate court’s on the mentioned charges.


Done By: Mitchum George

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TV crew attacked while covering 'National Shutdown' in CPT

A television crew came under attack, while they were driving on the N2 near the Borcherd's Quarry off-ramp, at Nyanga in the direction of Cape Town.

The SABC News crew were monitoring hotspots in the metro, as part of the ‘National Shutdown’

According to SABC News Western Cape, the car they - two reporters and a video journalist - were travelling in was hit by an object that was thrown by a man who was standing on the side of the road in the early hours of Monday morning.

COURTESY - Facebook: SABC News Western Cape

The video journalist, Oratile Tlhoaele, was taken to hospital for a medical examination following the incident

“We were driving on the N2 in the dark and it was raining hard at around 2 in the morning and suddenly a man appeared along the highway and threw and object at us, which smashed the front left window where Oratile was sitting. We managed to get away and we drove further until we could find law enforcement officers to whom we reported the matter. After that, we drove anxiously towards the City, and took Oratile to the hospital for a check-up,” said Corbin August, SABC reporter.


COURTESY - Facebook: SABC News Western Cape

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An arrest made in CPT as part of 'National Shutdown'

The City of Cape Town’s law enforcement officers arrested a reported EFF supporter, a day before the 'National Shutdown'.

The City’s Mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith said a small group of protesters gathered in Parklands, Tableview, just before midnight on Sunday.

‘’[They] tried to intimidate fuel stations in area. Private security along with SAPS responded. 1 EFF supporter arrested. Other 9 EFF supporters retreated into security complex and hid. Private security monitoring EFF residence,’’ said Smith.

COURTESY - Facebook: JP Smith

Meanwhile, SAPS forensics attended to gather evidence after petrol bombs were thrown at MyCiti busses. The mayco member said that the flames were extinguished, and that there were only smoke damage.

‘’Several attempts at burning rubbish across roadways in Khayelitsha, also Hundle and Symphony. Upon arrival, debris extinguished and removed, no sign of protesters,’’ said JP Smith, mayco member for safety and security.

Meanwhile on Monday, SAPS dispersed approximately 100 protesters, before 3a.m as they began gathering on Main Road, Woodstock, and tried moving towards Mowbray. Smith says SAPS fired gas cannister, and the protesters dispersed.

As of 9a.m, no major incidents were reported; All routes open.

COURTESY - Facebook: JP Smith


Done By: Mitchum George

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