Thursday, September 19, 2019

Blood Bank a Boost for Khayelitsha hospital

And for some good news, The Khayelitsha District Hospital (KDH) has become the fifth hospital to receive a blood bank through a partnership between the Western Cape government and the Western Cape Blood Service (WCBS).

The blood bank will operate for 24 hours and will result in rapid availability of cross-matched blood to the hospital and other surrounding hospitals, where the demand is always high, particularly in trauma wards with Khayelitsha being classified as a red zone. Gregory Bellairs, chief executive of Western Cape Blood Service, said this was the first blood bank they had opened in more than 20 years.

It has enabled them to bring the blood supply closer to the patients of this and surrounding hospitals, and that includes improving their ability to supply blood on the Cape Flats where the epidemic of trauma and violence is high, as well as the burden of disease.  

Khayelitsha has a lot of interpersonal violence with gunshot and stab wounds cases in the emergency care. Bringing this service closer to the people is even much more necessary as blood is a precious gift, which will enable us to save more lives.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis

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Teen goes to party, tells parents she was kidnapped and almost sold as sex slave

Picture: IOL

A girl has gotten herself into trouble after she had lied about being kidnapped and almost sold as a sex slave. A matric student apparently created a fictitious story after spending the night at a party with his friends and boyfriend, looking for a reason to put her out of trouble, she told her parents and teachers, that she was kidnapped and kept in a Heinz Park shack by "black foreigner men" on Sunday night and would be sold as a sex slave with 10 other girls. According to IOL, A Grade 12 student from Athlone High School was caught by the Manenberg detective, Sergeant Darryl van Noie.

The station's police chief, Colonel Sanele Zama, said they had spent significant time investigating the "shocking" case. “The child was brought to the station on Monday by her parents. "In her report, she claims she was walking down Zuurberg Road (Heideveld) on Sunday after 7pm when a man put a scarf on his face and she could not see," explains Zama. she woke up on Monday morning and did not know where she was, and with 10 other girls with their hands and feet tied with ropes and she saw "black men outside". “she continued to say that there was a riot outside the shacks and that the men from there had the opportunity to talk to the other girls who said they would be sent at 3pm to be sold as sex slaves, Zama said. The girl said she had money and a cellphone in which she managed to escape, but was shocked to see that the shack was in "Heinz Park." she was taken to the doctor but asked to bring a J88 form then had to visit the police station and where she was caught, adding Zama. At this time, social media was suspicious of the “kidnapping”, which posed a threat to the community.

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Mandlenkosi Mde

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Greenpop says plant trees and save the world

With September being Arbor month, the non-profit organisation has launched a bold new tree planting initiative to raise 10 000 trees in 30 days.
Greenpop, a local environmental organisation, who are calling for more trees to be planted in an attempt to mitigate climate change. It's all part of their longer-term goal to plant 500 000 trees by the year 2025. Since 2010, Greenpop has planted over 115 000 trees and worked on environmental projects in urban greening, reforestation and conservation agriculture across sub-Saharan Africa. Greenpop focus has been on connecting people with the planet, engaging communities and inspiring environmental stewards.

On 28 March, 2019, speakers at a General Assembly High-Level Meeting of the United Nations warned that the planet has just 11 years left to prevent irreversible damage from climate change.

For further information on how you can make a difference this Arbor Month by donating to trees which will be planted across Sub-Saharan Africa, visit for more information on how to contribute.

By: Ellouise Muller

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Today on the 17th of sepetember 2019  we were speaking to  Imaan Singly and Amy Meyer the ex students from Big Fish School of digital Filmmaking, telling us about the experiences they acquired at the film academy. Also mentioning the issue of funding being a setback to other students who want to study film.

Big Fish School of Filming Academy started way back in 2003 and it has branches all over South Africa, giving its students basic skills in filming, editing and producing. Amy says they have been many challenges in her journey especially because the film schools are expensive, and for someone coming from the cape flats it was impossible for her to study film. “Coming from the cape flats theres no opportunities to study things like film and no information regarding to that. Growing up you are expected to be a doctor or a lawyer because things like film are way too expensive” she said.

They have mentioned that the academy really needs the funding to help students like them to achieve their dreams. “big fish schools it’s a school close to our hearts, if it close down it will mean other people wont get these opportunities, I have had a privilege of travelling around the country with the academy and my documentary was played internationally” Imaan said.

If you have any comments regarding the news feature please email us at

By: Naledi Lefatsa



Leila Siljeur, a 19 year old chemical engineering student at Stellenbosch University was inspired after seeing a social media post of a sea turtle with a plastic fork stuck in its nose and felt she need to play her part in conserving the environment and marine life by reducing plastic pollution.

She then decided to design her own brand of edible and environmentally friendly straws and won R50000 for her awesome creation in a recent Allan Gray Orbis Foundation National Jamboree.

Her invention was registered under the name Eat Me Straws. The straws come in a variety of different styles namely: regular, health and vegan. The best part? They don’t get mushy when you put them in a wet substance. Siljeur says even though companies are creating biodegradable straws some of them still end up in the ocean posing a threat to marine life.

Siljeur says she and her team had been selling small batches of 10 to 20 edible straws informally to students since last year. The feedback from the students who had bought the straws was positive, she said. “They love the straws.” 

She plans to produce more straws and sell them to businesses in Stellenbosch and other parts of the country saying the money she won will definitely come in handy in order to expand!

By: Aneeqa du Plessis

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mitchells Plain Hospital has reopened following a wildfire

Picture: Daily Voice

City Fire and Rescue Services responded to Mitchells Plain Day Hospital early Monday after reports of fire and smoke coming from the roof. Patients were quickly evacuated and waited outside the gates as firefighters entered the scene. An elderly woman who was going for a monthly check-up said her blood pressure had suddenly risen. Daily Voice reported that, the hospital was closed for the weekend investigating the health and safety and clean-up after a fire that destroyed the theatre on Friday afternoon. The fire erupted about 12:30pm at night and buildings had to be evacuated.

On Monday, the Western Cape Department of Health confirmed that the facility will be open for services today. In a Facebook post on Sunday evening, the department said the services would continue as usual, "but we urge all customers to be patient with staff to ensure effective service after a painful incident". On Monday, the department said there was no second car, it was a wiring problem. “The fire department has ordered the site to repair it. Renovations took place on Monday morning. Normal evacuations are done to ensure patient safety and then services continue as usual.” Fire and rescue services spokesman, Jermaine Carelse, said: “It was an electrical wire that was located on the roof of the house, close to the consultation. "Electrician from their department was available and isolated that area”.

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Furious after madressa teacher accused of sexual assault received bail

Picture: Daily Voice

There was an uproar in the Wynberg Magistrate's Court on Monday when Pagad ordered that a Madressa teacher accused of abusing a 13-year-old girl be denied bail to remain in prison.

Abdul Karriem Davids of Surrey Estate has appeared in a sexual harassment lawsuit after the victim's mother charged him last week.
The 44-year-old teacher and owner of Halawat Ul Qur'an Haafith Academy in Ottery, was arrested by the Mitchells Plain Crime Organisation, Child Protection and Sexual Offenses Center on Thursday at the school.
He was taken to Grassy Park police station where he was charged with rape, which happened in Ramadaan, in May.

According IOL, Suspect spent last weekend in custody after his lawyer failed to release him on Thursday night.
On Monday, fellows of Pagad (People Against Gangsterism and Drugs) came to support the victim's family, speaking out when the prosecutor said the government would not oppose bail. However, Magistrate Goolam Bawa, did not tolerate overcrowding threw out Pagad members.
David released on R1000 bail with strict conditions.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Nicholas Ninow guilty of rape, defeating the ends of justice, and possession of drugs

The Dros rape accused Nicholas Ninow has been found guilty of rape and defeating the ends of justice. Nicholas who was accused of raping a 7-year-old girl at the Dros restaurant in Pretoria last year. Nicholas Ninow’s trial has been ongoing since last year and last week the 7-year-old girl took to the stand. The girl took the stand with her mother and a former employee at the Dros restaurant. Last week the 21-year-old confessed to raping the seven-year-old girl in the ladies’ bathroom at the Dros restaurant. Ninow pleaded not guilty to assault.

In a guilty plea read out by his legal representative, Ninow confessed to raping the little girl who was then 7 after she had walked in on him while he was in the women’s bathroom using drugs. Judge Papi Masopo delivered his verdict this morning and the verdict read “On the charge of Rape, you are found guilty, possession of drugs you are found guilty, assault you are not found guilty, defeating or obstructing the ends of the administration of justice you are found guilty.” After the verdict the judge announced that sentencing will proceed on the 16th of October. Prior to the court proceedings Nicholas Ninow was said to be mentally ill but the judge ruled that out saying “the convicted rapist did not suffer from mental illness to not recognize that his actions were wrong”.

By Chuma Matiwane for Bush Radio News

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Welcome to bush radio community information network, and these are your upcoming events

Nocturne at Alexander Bar10-21 sep 2019
Venue: Alexander Bar
Cost: R120 online\R140 at the door
Tel: 021 300 1088

Hermanus  Whale Festival 27 to 29 sep 2019
Venue: Hermanus Waterfront, Eco Marine Village
Time:fri 9am to sun 5pm
Cost: free
Facebook: Hermanus Whale Festival 2019

I see u- Imagining a space for freedom 29 aug to 30 nov 2019
Venue: Old Wine Cellar, Spier Wine Farm, R310 Baden Powell Drive, Stellenbosch
Time: 9am to 5pm
Cost: Free
Tel: 021 809 1100
Facebook: Spier Wine Farm

The Castle of Good Hope
Venue: Castle of Good Hope, Cnr Buitenkant & Darling St, Cape Town
Times: Daily 9am-5pm (closed on Christmas and New year )
Cost: R25- R50
Tel: 021 787 1249

If you would like us to broadcast your events, please contact us at


Currently all Western Cape’s illegal firearms are destroyed in Gauteng, bi-annually.

Community Safety MEC, Albert Fritz said the slow rate at which illegal firearms were being destroyed was a risk to the Western Cape’s safety. He added the police recovered 1037 illegal firearms between November 2018 and August 2019 in the Western Cape. Gun Free SA’s Claire Taylor said they called on Police Minister Bheki Cele to urgently proceed with actions to recover and destroy unwanted and illegally-held guns as soon as possible. Recent crimes statistics revealed that the majority of murders are committed using firearms. 13 of the top 30 stations reporting illegal possession of firearms and ammunition are located in the Western Cape.

Earlier in the year when SAPS revealed that between November and July 2019, 1037 illegal firearms were recovered in the Western Cape. Fritz called on Police Minister Bheki Cele for firearms to be destroyed. He added illegal weapons are brought into our province through smuggling, fraud and poor enforcement of the Firearms Control Act, and loss and theft of firearms from civilians and state institutions. Residents are urged to continue making use of the Illegal Firearms Hotline, which can be contacted on 078 330 9333.

At the same time in the year a 13-year-old boy was caught with a gun in Cravenby allegedly on his way to school to threaten another pupil.  Minister of Community Safety Albert Fritz offered three suggestions for curbing gun violence in the province.
1.     SAPS should restrict the sale of ammunition and cartridges to dealers.
2.     Develop an electronic tracking system for firearms linked to the Central Firearm Register and Minister of Community Safety.
3.     Develop a Provincial Firearm and Ammunition Control Act to allow for provinces to interfere in illegal activities surrounding firearms.

According to the Institute for Security Studies shows three main avenues for guns entering the illegal market are fraud and corruption, smuggling, and loss and theft. Guns involved in with criminal activities are usually purchased legally and then reacquired through illegal means.
According to the in 2018, 5 350 000 South Africans have guns in their possession, but only 3 000 000 were licensed. According to Guns Free South Africa 9 855 guns are either lost or stolen each year.

What are your thoughts towards illegal firearms and the use of it? Let us know on

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Drie polisie manne in hegtenis geneem.

Maandag word drie polisie manne tussen die ouderdom van 28 en 30, word in die hof verwag vir gewapende roof, die einde van geregtigheid en ontvoering. Drie konstabels wat by die Reaksiespan vir Groot Vergrype Gestasioneer is, is Donderdag in hegtenis geneem toe hulle aan diens aangemeld is, het die SAPD gesê Sondag.

Na bewering het die lede 'n mini bus taxi in Somerset-Wes getrek wat perlemoen van Hermanus na Kaapstad vervoer het. Een van die beamptes het toe na bewering die perlemoen gesteel.

Sindile Mfazi luitenant-generaal van die Wes-Kaapse waarnemende provinsiale kommissaris, het die in hegtenisneming van die drie lede verwelkom en gesê dat daar geen ruimte vir misdadigers in hulle diens is nie. Die Wes-Kaapse gemeenskap sal slegs deur eerlike en lojale polisie beamptes bedien word.

Die voorval het in Junie plaasgevind.

By: Ellouise Muller

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Treasurer of KDF dies after fatal stabbing

The reality of violent crime have once again visited the community of Khayelitsha. Only this time it has has visited the executive committee through the brutal stabbing of our beloved treasurer Mr Siyamcela Jingose.

 It is reported that Mr Jingose was stabbed in the early hours of the morning 15,September 2019. As a young activist Siyamcela Jingose participated in the work of the Khayelitsha Development Forum (KDF) through its youth and municipal ward structures till in 2917 he was elected to the position of treasurer at the CPUT 8th KDF conference. 

In what was going to be the last KDF work Mr Siyamcela Jingose formed part of the KDF executive committee delegation to the provincial crime summit held at the Paarl Police Academy. Siyamcela, was true community leader who worked the political talk.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis 

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Gavin Watson was already dead before crash

As rumours surrounding the death of Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson continues, new reports have claimed that the businessman was dead before his car crash.

Watson, who was 71 when he died last month as the Toyota he was driving at great speed slammed into a concrete pillar at OR Tambo International Airport. He was alone in the car, and was certified dead on the scene and a case of culpable homicide was opened.

According to numerous reports, eyewitnesses claimed that his car was travelling at a high speed before the accident ensued. On Sunday, The Citizen reported that primary conclusions of a private pathology report found that the Bosasa, now African Global Operations, boss was already dead before his car hit the pillar. The report was compiled by a private pathologist hired by the family.

According to The Citizen, the pathologist reached this conclusion based on the fact that Watson's body did not show signs of "substantial trauma" despite colliding into the concrete pillar, his face didn't suffer much bruising and the fact that there wasn't as much blood at the scene as is expected in such a fatal accident.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis 

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Unclear if SANDF deployment on cape flats to be extended

The South African National Defence Force's (SANDF) deployment mandate comes to an end on Monday, but it’s not clear whether their stay will be extended. Soldiers were sent in July to help law enforcement agencies.

Helmoed Heitman, military and defence analyst said that a broader set of policing actions was needed if the deployment was extended. Heitman believed that a coordinated response between the different spheres of government and community groups was needed to address the issue of gangs. “the western cape is not the only city, there are other cities where they can use similar measures. This needs a coordinated approach with all agencies involved.”

He said the army should be used to tactfully facilitate improved police crime intelligence. “the only reason to extend the deployment would be if there’s a genuine plan with crime intelligence, maybe with other crime intelligence agencies as well.”

By: Ellouise Muller

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Alleged gangster turned himself in after reading of the attack in the local newspaper.

After reading about the incident in the local newspaper, a man from Maneneberg has been accused of sodomising and robbed a man in a public park has given himself over to the authorities. On Wednesday morning, a 22-year-old gangster walked into the Community Service Centre (CSC) shortly before 8am to hand himself over to the police. Known as ‘’Biggy’’, the man is an alleged member of the Fancy Boys gang and according to his victim, also 22 of age, he tried to rob him but when he realised there were no valuables to steal, he chose to rape him.

The traumatised victim opened up to the local newspaper, on Tuesday, about this ordeal after keeping the secret from his family for a week. On Sunday, 1 September, at around 3am, he was walking home from an event, when Biggy cornered him in a park in Gamka Street and held him at gunpoint to search him and after finding no valuables on him, he forced him into a corner, said he man.

The victim said, he went home in pain and he kept quiet as he was embarrassed about the ordeal.  The man’s 43-year-old uncle says he noticed a change in his nephew’s behaviour and after hearing what had happened, the family reported the matter to police.
According to a source, cops were stunned when Biggy walked into the station on Wednesday morning.

Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, Police spokesperson, confirms the man handed himself over and was arrested and will appear in court once charged.

By: Ellouise Muller

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Bellville train derailment 'could've been prevented if Ramaphosa kept promise’

At about 6.08 yesterday, two passenger coaches and a motor coach derailed on the Kuils River side of Bellville station on the Northern Line. The train derailment of a Cape Town-bound train at Bellville station are being investigated by Metrorail that left 42 passengers injured. 

Riana Scott, Metrorail spokesperson said the recovery of the three carriages involved in the derailment was complete. “Forty-two commuters received on-site treatment by emergency personnel for minor injuries. The rail network is stable and trains are operating as scheduled, subject to prevailing operational measures, i.e. speed restrictions and manual authorisation in some sections of the network. The cause of the incident is being investigated to determine corrective and preventative measures,” said Scott.

The Northern line was reopened after technical crews finished a safety assessment of the overhead infrastructure and rail tracks. Metrorail recovery crews and emergency services remained on-site to help passengers and recovery efforts. Steve Harris, general secretary, United National Transport Union (Untu) said: “Although no commuters were seriously injured, this derailment could have been prevented had President Cyril Ramaphosa kept to the personal promise he made to Untu a month prior to the election.

“The president gave a personal undertaking to consider Untu’s demands about the safety of passenger rail commuters, its members working for the Passenger Rail Agency of SA (Prasa).” Harris said the incident happened a mere three days after the union informed South Africans that the recently launched “war rooms” had to date had zero impact at ground level.

Unique Fillander, Western Cape Commuters Forum chairperson said: “Prasa has failed the commuters for decades, but it is worse since (they took) over from Metrorail.

By: Ellouise Muller

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Today we remember Steve Biko

Stephen Bantu Biko was a popular voice of black Liberation in South Africa between the mid-1960s and his death in police detention in 1977. He was a member of the SRC at the University of Natal, first president of SASA – South African Student Organisation, Chair of SASO Publications, Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) leader, banned person and a political prisoner.

On this day, 12 September 1977, Bantu Stephen Biko died in police detention at Pretoria Central Prison. We remember Steve Biko’s selfless sacrifice to restore people to their humanity.

“People must be aware of their problems in a realistic way. They must be able to analyse their problems and to work out common solutions. In other words, a community is easily divided when their perception of the same thing is different.” – Steve Bantu Biko

“The great powers of the world may have done wonders in giving the world an industrial look, but the great gift still has to come from Africa – giving the world a more human face.” – Steve Bantu Biko


Release of 2019 crime statistics

The South African Police Service released the crime statistics for South Africa of 2018/2019. The numbers will show which crime increased or decreased during the past year. The statistics cover 17 crime categories reported by the public. The statistics cover all reported crimes from 1 April 108 to March 2019. In 2018 2.09 million crimes were recorded and a total of 2.01 million crimes were recorded in 2019.

The police presented the annual crime statistics, with the summary of 3.4% increase in murders in the 2018/2019 financial year, 4.6% increase in sexual offences, 4.1% increase in attempted murders, assault with the intention to commit grievous bodily harm increased by 2.2%, common assault cases increased by 1.2%, common robbery increased by 2%, arson increased by 5.5, malicious damage to property increased by 1.4% and in the total crimes listed increased by 2.6% on average.

CATEGORY                                                                       2018          2019`
Sexual offences discovered as result of police action                       6 701               7 976  
Commercial crime                                                                              73 27              83 823
Arson                                                                                                   3 869               4 083  
Sexual Offences                                                                                 50 10               52 420
Attempted murder                                                                               18 233             18980 
Common assault                                                                                 156 243           162 012          
Murder                                                                                                20 336             21 022
Stock-theft                                                                                          28 849             29 672
Assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm                        167 352           170 979          
Common robbery                                                                                50 730             51 765
Malicious injury to property                                                                 111 492           113 089
Robbery with aggravating circumstances                                          138 364           140 032          
Robbery at residential premises                                                         22 261             22 431
Burglary at non-residential premises                                                  71 195             71 224
Robbery at non-residential premises                                                 20 047             19 991
All theft not mentioned elsewhere                                                      302 656           300 457
Truck hijacking                                                                                    1 202               1 182  
Carjacking                                                                                           16 325             16 026
Theft out of or from motor vehicle                                                      129 174           125 076          
Burglary at residential premises                                                         228 094           220 865          
Shoplifting                                                                                           62 180             60 167
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs                                  86 160             82 912
Theft of motor vehicle and motorcycle                                               50 663             48 324
Illegal possession of firearms and ammunition                                  17 558             15 736
Robbery of cash in transit                                                                   238                  183     
Drug-related crime                                                                              323 547           232 657          
Bank robbery                                                                                      13                    4         

If you have any issues surrounding this topic please contact us on

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Jasmine Johnson-Mazwi
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Crime Report statistics of 2018

Taking a look at the statistics of 2018 get ready for the release of 2019 Annual Crime Statistics.

Crime Report statistics of 2018
TOTAL CRIMES                                                                              -        2 204 292

Murder                                                                                    -        20 306
Sexual Offences                                                                              -        49 991
Attempted Murder                                                                 -        18 215
Assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm                 -        166 871
Common Assault                                                                            -        155 977
Common Robbery                                                                -        50 666
Robbery with aggravating circumstances                          -        138 233

Arson                                                                                      -        3855
Malicious damage to property                                             -        111 255
PROPERTY-RELATED CRIMES                                      
Burglary at residential premises                                          -        227 727
Theft of motor vehicle and motorcycle                               -        50 652
Theft out of or from motor vehicle                                       -        129 088
Stock-theft                                                                              -        28 806

Illegal possession of firearms and ammunition                           -        17 550
Drug-related crime                                                                -        323 369
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs                          -        86 119
Sexual offences as a result of police action                      -        302 353

All theft not mentioned elsewhere                                       -        302 353
Commercial Crime                                                                -        73 261
Shoplifting                                                                              -        62 169
Community-reported serious crimes                                   -        1 660 556
Truck hijacking                                                                      -        1 202
Robbery at residential premises                                          -        22 255
Robbery at non-residential premises                                  -        19 981
Bank Robbery                                                                       -        13
Robbery of cash in transit                                                    -        238
TRIO crimes                                                                          -        58 555

Culpable homicide                                                                -        0
Public Violence                                                                     -        0
Crime Injuria                                                                          -        0
Neglect and ill-treatment of children                                   -        0
Abduction                                                                               -        0

SEXUAL OFFENCES                                                
Rape                                                                                       -        39 945
Sexual Assault                                                                      -        6 775
Attempted sexual offences                                                  -        2 055
Contact sexual offences                                                      -        1 216

I will release the statistics of 2019 as soon as it is released. If you have any issues regarding this topic please email us on

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Jasmine Johnson-Mazwi


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