Wednesday, December 06, 2006

City proposes plan to police township tours

By Odette Ismail
06 December 2006

The city of Cape Town has requested that township tour operators create fixed routes to be patrolled by Metro Police.

This comes after recent robberies on tourists which includes 40 Dutch tourists. The group were visiting Langa on a tour of the township, according to the Cape Argus.

Dumisani Ximbi, mayoral committee member for Safety and Security, confirms that a meeting will take place with township tour operators, Cape Town Routes Unlimited and other township hospitality stakeholders.

He says that tour routes need to be policed as the city is seen as a tourist destination. Ximbi says the township tours brings money in and helps disadvantaged areas of the city.

The council does want not visitors to be afraid after the attacks last week and have mainstream destinations restricted.


At Wednesday, 20 December, 2006, Blogger Unknown said...

I personally feel that this City Plan is a brilliant idea... but the question is will this plan only be implemented for Township Tour purposes only?, because if that is so, then the level of crime in our township communities will not fall... and also we have to look at the causes of these crimes (Robbing or attacks on tourists), the City of Cape Town acts as if there has not been any criminal acts before in our townships, our locals have been attacked before, but no plans were proposed... The city is not paying any attention on developing the townships, maybe having shacks (informal Housing) to live in is good, they only pay attention to the townships when we have floods...

The only way they can cut down on crime in our areas is to invest in them (townships), not to implement development plans that will not sustain...


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