Monday, November 19, 2007

Cosatu needs to join SA in working towards the best 2010 World Cup ever according to the DA

By Ilhaam Hoosain
19 November 2007

The Democratic Alliance urges the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and associates to join most South Africans in working towards the best 2010 World Cup ever.

“During the past week COSATU has shown that it will stop at nothing to have its way within the tripartite alliance ahead of the ANC leadership election,” says spokesperson Marike Groenewald.
Cosatu’s Patrick Craven says that they totally reject the DA’s statements.

“We reject the allegation about the tripartite alliance. We are loyal members of that alliance and have expressed our opinion. We have engaged in debate and discussion and it is totally untrue to say that we will stop at nothing,” says Craven.

“We say this in the light of their threatening to institute secondary strikes at all the 2010 World Cup stadium,” says Groenewald.

According to the DA Cosatu has just illustrated, with the threat to strike, that they would gladly sabotage South Africa’s chances with success hosting this major international event.

“We have from the outset have been the most enthusiastic supporter of South Africa’s world cup bid and is doing everything possible to make it a success,” says Craven.

He goes on to add that that is why they fully support the workers.

“We will not ever allow the World cup to be used as an excuse by employers to exploit their workers or not abide by the laws that protect workers rights,” says Craven.

The DA says they do support the interest of construction workers, we aware of the issues of fair wages, safety and transport and they believe that they should be addressed.


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