Wednesday, April 16, 2008

City calls for safety when using hospital bend

By Henry Booysen
16 April 2008

The city is concerned about news photographers and reporters who fail to follow procedure while using the Hospital Bend as they fear for injury to take place.

According to the Executive Director of Transport, Roads and Stormwater Directorate Eddie Chinnapen the concern follows after a photographer from a local newspaper failed to follow procedures while at the De Waal Bridge site.

He said that the photographer was not wearing proper protective clothing and did not report to the site office to be briefed on safety measures.

“The site has an unblemished safety record to date and would like to maintain it. It would be most unfortunate if anyone is injured because the correct safety procedures were not followed,” says Chinnapen.

He elaborated that although the city cannot allow any situations to prevail when safety regulations are ignored, they would certainly assist the media in all means.

They are appealing to all media representatives to report to the site office at Health Park Building a Groote Schuur Hospital.


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