Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eskom facing a skills challenge

By Celeste Ganga
22 April 2008

At the moment Eskom is facing a skills challenge which is associated with the new power stations that are being built and need to be operated. According to Manager for Demand Side Management at Eskom Andrew Etzinger, they are currently recruiting 1 500 technical skilled workers into the utility every year.

“But it’s not just a case of recruiting; we also have to build up the skills of our existing employees. And to this end we have a number of events and interventions. One of which is an interaction taking place this week between Eskom employees and their Russian counterparts-where they are taking part in a workshop in Cape Town,” says Etzinger.

He explains that at the workshop various aspects of transmission systems, power systems and energy saving concepts are being discussed, “basically information and ideas are being shared- both from their side and our side”.

The recruitment process has been on the go for the past 18 months. Etzinger says it’s aimed at both local and international talent, “at the moment we have a team in the USA which is recruiting skills to bring back to South Africa.”

“We’ve been busy (in) USA, Europe and Australia. So it’s an ongoing issue of claiming and obtaining the necessary skills both locally and internationally,” explains Etzinger.


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