Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hendricks says he owed Najwa a favour

By Rhodé Marshall
15 April 2008

The state witness who claims Taliep Petersen’s widow asked him to arrange for hit men, testified in the Cape High Court today that his reason for helping Najwa and not going to the police was that he felt he owed her a favour.

As Fahiem Hendricks was cross-examined for a second day in a row, Accused 1’s legal council Klaus von Lieres und Wilkau stated to Hendricks that he should have been aware at that stage that he was involve with dangerous things.

“I felt maybe I owe her a favour because I borrowed money from her," he responded.
“Is this how one pays back a favour?” asked von Lieres and then told Hendricks that he surely doesn’t expect the court to take him seriously, to which Judge Siraj Desai said: “The court will make that decision.”

In Hendricks’s testimony yesterday he said he borrowed R10 000 from Najwa before she asked him to help her have her husband murdered. This money was to help the witness with his Takeaway business in Mandalay.

Today von Lieres placed emphasis on the fact that Hendricks seemed to have forgotten that he previously asked R20 000 from - Najwa which she occurred on two occassions. To which Hendricks says, he did borrow R20 000 from Najwa once and then left a motor vehicle in her possession until he was able to pay her back, and the second time was the R10 000 in 2006.

The credibility of Hendricks was questioned by Najwa’s legal council saying she continuously had to phone Hendricks for him to repay his debt – that being a reason for all the calls that was made to his cellular phone and not to plot Taliep’s death.

“Najwa is going to tell the court that she is fond of money and when people do not pay her she phones them. It’s in her nature,” said von Lieres.

The trial continues in the Cape High Court.


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