Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Parts of Da Gama Park without water due to pipe burst

By Celeste Ganga
16 April 2008

Most of the Da Gama Park area near Simons Town has been without water since Tuesday afternoon. According to Charles Cooper of the City of Cape Town- City officials initially struggled to find the cause of the loss of water. It was found to be a burst pipe up in the mountain side.

“They (officials) commenced repair work on Tuesday night and this continued through to today (Wednesday) and we hope to have water repaired by close of work today ((Wednesday),” says Cooper.

He adds that the problem has also affected Welcome Glenn, “in this area residents are experiencing low water pressure.”

“We do as always call upon people to please ensure that any taps which were opened during the phase without water- are kept closed. Because if the water supply is restored and nobody is at home, and the taps are open- the water will just run away and you going to see the damage on your water account at the end of the month,” adds Cooper.


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