Sunday, April 20, 2008

Public meeting in Retreat against substance abuse

By Rhodé Marshall
20 April 2008

This Tuesday the ward councillor for Retreat will be hosting a public meeting addressing issues such as tik, liquor and other substance abuse.

Councillor Jan Burger says at a previous meeting in the community, a concerned parent said many people talk about the abuse of substances forgetting about the suffering endured by the family of those addicted.

“We thought this is something a person must pick up as you always hear of organisations in the area, but when you need it where are they?” says Burger.

He says organisations attending the meeting will be given an opportunity to tell the community how they stand to gain from their resources.

“If my child is addicted we must realise that me as the (parent) must know how to handle it. In your community there are plenty of organisations most probably but not all of us suffer the same. So we would like to provide clarity of where is best to go,” says Burger.

The meeting starts 19:00 - Tuesday, 29 April at the Retreat Community Hall.


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