Monday, April 14, 2008

State witness says Najwa requested a ‘hit’

By Rhodé Marshall
14 April 2008

As the controversial trial of the legendary musician Taliep Petersen continues in the Cape High Court, Fahiem Hendricks who is under witness protection took to the stand today.

The anxious witness told a packed courtroom that after numerous phone calls from Accused 1 she invited him to her Athlone home asking whether he know someone who could do a ‘hit’.

“I told her I don’t know such a person. I’m not interested in such things,” Hendricks told the court.

He said Najwa continued to ask him to arrange something for and after her persistence he asked Abdoer Emjedi whether he knew anyone.

Emjedi was staying at Hendricks’s house while he was going through a divorce.

Hendricks says he returned to the Grasmere Street home of the Petersen family to continue talks of Najwa’s request, where she then told him the hit was on her husband.

“There was said he had a diamond deal where a lot of money was lost. She said they were going to divorce then he has to get half of everything,” says Hendricks who continued his testimony by saying Najwa gave him a clear outline of when it would be best to murder Taliep.

When State Prosecutor Shareen Riley asked whether Najwa said how she wanted the hit done, he replied: “She said he must be shot.”


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