Monday, April 28, 2008

'Water management device benefits all' -City

By Celeste Ganga
28 April 2008

According to City Director for Water and Sanitation Sipho Mosai -since the City of Cape Town installed water management devices, the response by residents to the initiative has been positive. He adds that it indicates that it (the device) offers very real benefits for water consumers, and in particular, those who are poor and indigent.

“This project was initiated because of the increased demand for water as a result of an increase in population, more development spurred by a burgeoning economy, climate changes adversely affecting rainfall levels and substantial water loss through leaks. I would like to assure residents that this device really will work for them, once its purpose and benefits are fully understood,” explains Mosai.

He adds that the device is not a pre-paid water meter, “it helps to save water. In other words, you can set it in whichever volumes of water that you want to receive”. Mosai goes on to explain that it helps you to determine immediately whether you have a leakage on your property- this will prevent unexpectedly high water bills.


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