Monday, July 07, 2008

Council houses used for criminal activities

By Cindy Witten
7 July 2008

According to city officials, council owned properties are being used for criminal activities. Councillor Glen Kleinsmith, a member of the City of Cape Town’s task team, says that council houses in Langa, Elsies River and Hanover Park, amongst others, are being used as shebeens and tik factories as tenants are being exploited by criminals.
“The city has started a process of identifying shebeens and drug houses in council owned property, and through the profiling of those premises that were initially given to us by members of the public and council, we have identified one area in particular that is of concern and that is the fact that a lot of these premises are being utilised by criminal elements,” says Kleinsmith.

Residents in the council houses are regularly being approached by drug lords asking them to surrender their homes in order for them to be turned into tik factories.

“They prey on the vulnerable and specifically the poorest of the poor, old people and children”.

Kleinsmith urges people to speak up against these drug lords.


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