Thursday, July 17, 2008

New law for male pensioners

By Cindy Witten
17 July 2008

The Black Sash Human Rights organisation has welcomed the signing of a new law of legislation aimed at male pensioners. This law, that came into effect on 14 July 2008, makes it possible for men to be eligible for a state pension from 63 years of age.

Together with other human rights organisations, the Black Sash fought for the equalisation of the pensionable age, which is a constitutional right. Previously, men were only eligible for pension at 65, while women were allowed to take pension at 60 years of age.

According to Ratula Beukman, advocacy program manager for Black Sash, by 2010, all pensioners in need will be eligible for a state pension fund from 60 years old.
“But we continue to fight for the scrapping of the undignified means test, that require our senior citizens to prove that they are living in poverty,” said Beukman.


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