Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TV Viewers to pay up for digitisation

By Mishkah Anthony
29 July 2008

South Africa will change to a digital signal over the next three years.

Owners of old TV sets may have to pay for a conversion kit if they want to watch Television or some may have to buy a new digital TV as South Africa will switch over to digital transmission in 2009.

National Consumer Forum chairperson Thami Bolani expressed concern saying that many consumers do not know about the digital migration and might be unable to watch their television in three years time.

But the Department of Communications says it will soon conduct a public an awareness campaign on digital migration.

Commuunications Minister Ivy Matsepe Casaburri’s spokesperson Joe Makhafola says the Department of Communications will soon be rolling out a massive public awareness campaign regarding the digital migration starting on the 1 November 2008.

“The department is aware that consumers need to be empowered with information in order to make the right decisions and also need to be informed about the requirements such as the set-top box, which is required to access the digital signals.”

Makhafola goes on to saying that the Department will very soon be engaging the public through the media about what the digital migration is all about.


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