Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New stations built without level crossings

By Sasha Forbes
13 January 2008

Following last weeks accident in which four people who were on holiday, were killed when the vehicle they were travelling in collided with a train at a level crossing near Stellenbosch, Metrorail has decided that they will not build any new level crossings and instead, for safety reasons, railway lines must be crossed by bridges or subways.

“I would just like to place on record the correct facts around over head bridges and level crossings, what I said in my statement is that all new stations, three of which were build recently would not have level crossings but either bridges or subways, in the case of the last three stations that were build, it would have street to street bridges.” said Metrorail’s marketing manager Riana Scott

According to Scott that was there undertaking that as far as possible, all new stations would not have level crossings. “So just to make sure everything is clear, all future new stations, the last three which were built have street to street access by way of a bridge. Retrospectively our existing level crossings are protected within the bounds of the law and if any changes are made that will be recommended by the board.” said Scott


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