Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fifth anniversary of Boxing Day tsunami

By Kim Saulse
26 December 2009

The world is today remembering 2004’s Boxing Day tsunami which wiped out more than 230 000 people from Indonesia to Thailand, India and Sri Lanka.

Aceh on the island of Sumatra was the hardest hit after an earthquake registering more than nine on the Richter Scale unleashed killer waves over a vast area.

Indonesia is still struggling to cope with more than 5200 known tsunami orphans.


At Sunday, 27 December, 2009, Anonymous Vancouver BC real estate agent said...

I want to express my regret over this tragedy, I remember being seriously horrified while listening to the news and I understand that for the people who lost their family or friends to this catastrophe, this memory is still very vivid. And I believe this day will stay the day to commemorate all the victims for many other years to come. Jay


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