Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cope not happy with Eskom and Metrorail

By Khanyisa Tabata
25 March 2010

With just less than 9 days to the biggest increases in the country, first with Eskom being granted by the National Energy regulator of South Africa the increase they were not looking for even thought its high the 1st of next.

Eskom has been granted a 20010/11: 24.8% for 2010, 25.1 for the next year and other 25.1 for 2012.

Political parties, conomists, and even trade unions have slammed the hikes saying it’s going to take away money from people.

Congress of the People’s Philipp Dexter says these increase are outrageous.

“We as the Congress of the people are not happy with the increase because now people are paying for Eskom’s incompetence and ordinary citizens are set to suffer from this increases,” said Dexter.

The Price of train tickets are also set to go up next week also and this time people are going to be paying more if not double the money they were used to pay.

For more details of these stories, tune into Newsline at 19h00 tonight.


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