Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blowing a vuvuzela is not always Ayoba

By Olona Vika
15 July 2010

Arnold Daniels (32) got a five hundred rand fine after blowing a vuvuzela in Voortrekker road during the world cup.

He admits that he learnt the hard way that blowing a vuvuzelas is not always good.

Daniels was standing outside a shop watching a game that he missed the previous day. He started blowing on his vuvuzela when the shop owner complained about him making a noise.

He ignored the owner and 30 minutes later he saw a law enforcement car drive past him. He still continued with blowing his vuvuzelas unaware that he was in any way breaking the law.

A police man approached him asking why he was blowing the vuvuzela, he simple answered saying that he is celebrating the world cup.

Its then that he got the noise nuisance fine from the police. Arnold says he won’t pay the fine because he has got no money.

It was a wake up call for hawker Mogamat Adams (37), who says the also stopped blowing his vuvuzelas from that day.


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