Monday, December 05, 2011

Waste Pickers Civil Society wants to benefit from the Green Climate Fund #COP17

Waste Pickers Spokeperson Simon Mbata

Xolewa Mvumvu
05 December 2011

The Waste Pickers Civil Society has called for a direct access to the Green Climate Fund.

Speaking for the organisation, Simon Mbata says as Waste Pickers they experience the worst working conditions and they would like an open door to the Green Climate fund.

Mbata says they want to see Waste Pickers and communities benefiting from the fund not only government. Responding to a question about corruption regarding the Fund, Mbata says they are working with professional civil society groups and are moving away from corruption.

Haroura Nassa from Waste Pickers in Dakar explained why they need to access the fund. Nassa says they experience problems with government who want to come and take their working field. He says Dakar government wants to build a municipal field which would result in many left jobless.

Nassa added that there have been many challenges besides the government, he says cooperate companies come and test their working field for gas. Through the help of the Green Climate Fund, Waste Pickers are hoping to overcome such challenges. #COP17

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