Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Pinnacle Point declared a provincial heritage site

Imogen Vollenhoven
08 January 2013

The archaeological sites at Mossel Bay’s Pinnacle Point which have revealed some of the earliest evidence for modern human behaviour -have been declared Provincial Heritage Sites.

The declaration was made in terms of section 27 of the National Heritage Resources Act and was announced in the Western Cape Government’s Provincial Gazette.

Martin Hatchuel adds that the Pinnacle Point is significant because it’s a uniquely dense concentration of well-preserved archaeological sites which contain a record of human occupation over a period of about 170,000 years from the time when modern human behaviour first emerged to the pre-colonial period

The archaeological remains first came to light during an environmental impact study of a portion of land that would later be developed as the Pinnacle Point Beach and Golf Resort.

The 1997 survey by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan and Dr. Peter Nilssen revealed a number of Stone Age sites as well as evidence that humans had inhabited the caves in the cliffs below the present-day Pinnacle Point Club House for tens of thousands of years.



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