DA said Education Department in Limpopo is struggling with textbook shortages

Athenkosi Mvane
13 February 2013

The Education Department said it is scrambling to address the textbook shortages in schools while at the same time denying that there are shortages.

The Democratic Alliance Limpopo Leader Jacques Smalle established that it is in possession of a letter confirming that those textbook shortages are widespread.

The letter is said to have been sent by the Federation of South African Schools Provincial Manager to schools across Limpopo districts on Monday.

Smalle said that the letter states that there is a first-come-first-served service of text books and will cleary lead to chaos.

“Presently, there is no delivery checklist within those districts warehouses, and managers are concerned in dealing with those issues” Smalle said.

Smalle added that the DA is concerned with the neglect of the Limpopo learners consistently.