Saturday, April 05, 2014

Whale shark towed out near St Helena Bay

Mluleki Mrwebi
05 April 2014

The National Sea Rescue Institute in Mykonos and volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a Whale Shark appearing to be in distress at Stompneus Bay harbour, near to St Helena Bay

NSRI Spokesperson Craig Lambinon said on arrival on-scene an approximately 5 to 6 meter Whale Shark was found in shallow water adjacent to the Stompneus Bay harbour appearing to be weak and in distress.

Lambinon said with guidance from the Department of Environment - Oceans and Coasts the NSRI Mykonos volunteers and the volunteers of HOW Wildlife Rescue attempted to coax the Whale Shark out to sea and finding the Whale Shark appearing to be too weak to respond the NSRI sea rescue craft and ropes were used to gently pull the Whale Shark into deeper water where once in open water the Whale Shark appeared to respond more positively and it was released.

“NSRI Mykonos and HOW Wildlife Rescue are cautiously optimistic that the Whale Shark has survived. By 19h00 when it was finally released to open water the Whale Shark appeared to be swimming with more confidence.” he added 



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