Saturday, March 14, 2015

DA worried about the decrease in the latest manufacturing sector

Jaimie-faith Poonah
14 March 2015

The Democratic Alliance said the latest figures in the manufacturing sector shows a downward spiral.

Statistics South Africa released the data this week revealing that Manufacturing PMI in South Africa decreased to 47.60 in February of 2015 from 54.20 in January of 2015.

DA MP for Trade and Industry Geordin Hill-Lewis said the manufacturing sector ought to be one of the leading job creating sectors in our economy, yet the opposite is occurring.

Lewis said this means to ordinary people that factories are closing down and we have fewer factories, which mean we are making fewer goods then what we have ever done before.

Lewis said this is terrible for jobs and unemployment and it is very clear that ANC’s economic policies are not working for South Africa, they leading to more unemployment and more poverty.

Lewis said this is why he proposed a number of steps to reinvigorate the manufacturing sector and to attract, more manufacturing, more factories and more jobs to this country.



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