Friday, September 11, 2015

FAMWU protests closing of Hout Bay Fishmeal plant

Rentse Khiba
11 September 2015

Community members and members of the food and allied workers union will be marching through the Cape town CBD today.

The protest is against job losses that will arise from the proposed closure of the Lucky Star, fishmeal plant situated in Hout Bay Harbour.

The company has acknowledged that it is increasingly experiencing pressure from a group of residents known as “fresh air for Hout Bay” who have been complaining about the odour coming from the factory.

FAWU spokesperson Dominique Martin reported that FAMWU will be handing over a memorandum to Mayor Patricia de Lille as well as to the management of Oceana as they cannot accept job losses in the already vulnerable fishing sector.

Almost 100 families will be affected from the closure of the plant we are planning on fighting this tooth and nail in order to stop any closure or job losses emanating from closure of the plant Martin added.



At Friday, 11 September, 2015, Blogger Gary Simpson said...

In 1995 Oceana decided to close their production facilities in Lambert's Bay and less callous Executive Management at Oceana prudently developed a sustainable alternative for their workers and ancillaries affected by the closure. Oceana now run a successful potato chip making division in same factory and are alleged to have improved the number of employment opportunities - the former Oceana Executive didn't choose to blame the closure on the resource or economic realities and they certainly did not endeavour to place any responsibility or blame for the closure of the factory on local communities and residents - The Oceana Executive should be aware that their puerile and devious decision-making processes surrounding Oceana's proposed closure of the Hout Bay factory is antagonising highly volatile communities which is disingenuous and incredibly irresponsible. The CEO of Oceana claims to have grown up in the valley and must be aware of this. The clumsy approach adopted has failed to present any form of sustainable alternatives for their 98 employees other than, reallocation to St Helena Bay (250 km from home) retrenchment packages or where possible integration into Oceana's operations in and around Cape Town


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