Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CPUT Students given ultimatum

Jason Murphy
18th November 2015

Today, is due date for students of the troubled Cape Peninsula University of Technology to vacate residences. 

This is after the University Vice Chancellor, Dr Prince Nevhatula sent a communique on Monday stating that, due to the ongoing violent protests it is not safe for students to be kept at their residences by the university.

In the past weeks, scheduled exams have been disrupted by protestors calling for the scrapping of historical debts and an end on out-sourcing. A CPUT student spoke to Bush Radio earlier:

“I won’t be leaving today, I work in Cape Town and am from the Eastern Cape so I won’t be going”.

Meanwhile, at the University of the Western Cape, students are already making their way home as the institution is planning to start repairs of damaged property. This morning, students saw a group of soldiers on campus as more threats of violent protests emerge:

“The situation at UWC is still very tense, this morning when we work up there were soldiers on the campus and some students are homeless and staying with friends”



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