Athlone Vaccination Centre of Hope walk-through section to close its doors

The Western Cape Government’s Athlone Vaccination Centre of Hope situated at Athlone Stadium will be closing its 40 vaccination booths at the walk-through section on Wednesday

The Department opened the facility to vaccinate as many people who live and travel within close proximity of the site as it created easy access to vaccines along one of the busiest travel routes in the Cape Metro.

Since the mass vaccination site’s official opening on 17 August 2021, a total of 59 856 people were vaccinated at both the walk-through and drive-through areas as of 9 December 2021 with the walk-through section only vaccinating 29 776 people age 12 years and older to date.

‘’In line with the Department’s agile and adaptability by taking vaccines closer to communities, the site is being closed down in stages as vaccines are being made available to all communities through pop-up vaccination sites in residential areas and to street-based clients, home vaccinations to bedridden clients, taking the vaccine to work environments, vaccinating at SASSA pay points, and shopping malls and centers,’’ it said in a staterment

‘’The Vaxi Taxi services are the latest addition to the Department’s mobile drives which are being utilised in many other residential areas in the metro. There are still many fixed vaccination sites in communities and social mobilising teams encouraging and educating people in residential areas to get vaccinated,’’ it added.

The Western Cape’s health department said that the drive-through vaccination section at the Athlone Stadium will remain open until 21 January 2021,from Monday to Friday from 08:30 – 16:00,  whereafter it will also close, as per contractual agreement with the City of Cape Town.

‘’Don’t hesitate, vaccinate. Everyone aged 12 years and older is welcome at the Drive-through until its closure in January 2022 including those who are eligible for booster doses.’’


Done By: Mitchum George