Western Cape’s Forensic Pathology Services warns of potential delays in delivery of corpse

The Western Cape’s Forensic Pathology Services (FPS) are warning citizens of potential delays in delivery of corpses to service pressure.

In a statement, FPS says that it is currently experiencing high case load admissions which is further impacted by a high staff COVID-19 infection rate.

“We recognise that the time of bereavement is a stressful and difficult period. For this reason, we are doing everything we can to speed up but also streamline the process,” says Mr Ryan Clayton, FPS Acting Director.

FPS says cases will be allocated, and autopsies performed in chronological order on identified cases first, to manage cases during this time

To expedite the process, family members should please ensure that they do the following: 

·        Provide the original Identification Document or Driver’s license of the deceased as well as your own.

·        If your own documentation or that of the deceased is lost or stolen, please go to your SAPS investigating officer who must accompany you to the facility to confirm the identification for both yourself and the deceased.

·        In cases of sudden or unexpected death, all medical documentation/information regarding the deceased should be provided.

·        If the deceased is under the age of 18, the Road to Health Chart (clinic card) of the child/infant should be supplied.

‘’As soon as the situation alleviates, we will revert to our long-standing practice of accommodating requests for whatever reason for prioritisation,’’ added Clayton



Done By: Mitchum George