Cape Town officials confiscates more than 9 300 bottles of alcohol during festive season

The City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement officers confiscating 9 384 bottles of alcohol during the 2021/2022 festive period, which amounts to 5 324 litres, between 16 December 2021 and 9 January 2022.

Mayco Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, said that Capetonians turned a deaf ear, despite being told not to bring alcohol to public facilities.

‘’The amount of alcohol confiscated since mid-December shows that there are still too many residents who do not adhere to the rules – or do not care about endangering the lives of others. We have seen that the use of alcohol while driving often results in accidents and serious injuries to innocent passengers.’’

Smith was referring to an incident that occurred on Friday, whereby children were injured when a driver, with no driver license, and under the influence of alcohol, collided with another vehicle in Muizenberg.

‘’No one should have to be subjected to this, but children in particular, need us to step up on their behalf. Don’t allow your children to get into a vehicle with someone who is not fit to be behind the wheel. The consequences can be fatal, but even just being hurt in a motor vehicle accident is hugely traumatic,’’ added Smith.

In the past week, the City’s Metro Police, and Cape town traffic Services arrested seven and 28 suspects, respectively, for driving under the influence of alcohol.



Done By: Mitchum George