StatsSA extends Census2022 deadline in the Western Cape

Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) has yet again extended the deadline for the Census2022 in the Western Cape. The initial deadline was Saturday, but StatsSA extended it to the 31 May.

Statistician-General, Risenga Maluleke, said that no further extensions past this date will be possible.

‘’The Census aims to count all households. Low participation rates may affect the accuracy of the overall census results which are the basis for budget allocations across local, provincial, and national government. Census data enables good planning for the provision of services, government programmes. The further extension of the provincial population count will ensure a comprehensive statistical profile of the country and equitable allocation of resources,’’ said Maluleke.

So far, 70% of households have been counted in the Western Cape. This is a significant increase from Easter Weekend’s 49%. To date, almost 100 000 online questionnaires have been completed in the province.

Residents are encouraged to make use of the online questionnaire completion option that can be accessed at (datafree). Alternatively, answer the questionnaire face to face with one of the Census fieldworkers when they visit your area or where you see them at your local mall or government service point. Completing the questionnaire only takes 15 – 30 minutes and all information provided is strictly confidential.

Western Cape Premier, Alan Winde, welcomed the extension.

‘’This is the only feasible way that we can ensure that as many residents as possible get counted and that our province gets its fair share of the national budget.’’

Winde says being counted indicated how much money and resources will be need in the Western Cape.

‘’The Western Cape could lose funding equivalent to 1615 doctors or 5981 nurses, and over approximately 9300 teachers if only 70% of residents get counted in the 2022 Census. This is according to approximate projections by the Western Cape Provincial Treasury.‘’

‘’In budget terms, we stand to lose R9.7 billion, or over 16% of our provincial equitable share, if only 70% of residents get counted. This would shave R2.6 billion in funding off our health budget and R4.2 billion off our education budget, with smaller departments also suffering losses. In short, service delivery in the Western Cape will suffer a major blow across the board if residents do not make sure they are counted, he added.



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