''Alcohol and roads don’t mix,'' says WC Mobility MEC.

The Western Cape’s Mobility Department has raised concerns over the number of motorists that were arrested in the past week for drunk driving.

Between 4 - 10 July 2022, 98 arrests were made for violating various traffics offences, and the bulk of these (73) were for motorists driving under the influence in the province.

MEC, Daylinn Mitchell joined Provincial Traffic Officers during the province’s integrated roadblocks in the West Coast last week and the Garden Route in the week under review to ensure road users comply with the law

‘’During the roadblocks, I found that most motorists were compliant. It is always the few exceptions that bring danger on our roads, and that is why the Western Cape Provincial Traffic Services continues to run 24/7 operations across the province.’’

‘’Alcohol and roads don’t mix. Never drink and drive or drink and walk. Even small amounts of alcohol can affect your judgement as a road user. If you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, you will have a criminal record. Moreover, you could take the life of yourself and/or another person,’’ added Mitchell.

Furthermore, Western Cape Provincial Traffic Services handed out 229 speeding offences and 6 525 fines were issued for various traffic violations ranging from driver to vehicle fitness. Forty-five vehicles were impounded and 42 were discontinued for unroadworthiness.

The department also recorded 24 fatalities on the provinces roads. Of these, 11 were passengers, 7 pedestrians, 4 drivers, and one each for fell of vehicle and motorcyclist.

‘’When police and traffic law enforcement officers have to attend to crashes caused by drinking and driving or drinking and walking, they have less time to attend to crime and keep the roads safe. When police and traffic law enforcement officials are tied up in court with cases involving driving under the influence of alcohol, they have less time to keep the public safe. Cases of driving under the influence also slow down the criminal justice system,’’ said Daylinn Mitchell, Western Cape’s Mobility MEC


COURTESY: Twitter - @mec_mitchell // MEC mitchell ensuring road compliance

Done By: Mitchum George