Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Workers upgrading Central Line threatened by ‘extortionists’

Sub Council Chairperson, Angus Mckenzie, is set to meet with PRASA and Transnet on Tuesday to discuss the lack of security or inability of security on the Central Line. This comes after workers were threatened and intimidated whilst rebuilding the Central Line.

“They were met by extorting gangsters who violently insisted that workers from the area stop work and vacate the train line. Workers were threatened and intimidated and eventually cleared the site to avoid any further problems,” said McKenzie.

The subcouncil chairperson condemned the incident, calling on the community to come forward with any information.

“After consultation with the Acting Station Commander, we will not tolerate extortion on this project neither will we allow the project to halted which has not only been beneficial for the numbers of local people employed but the full functioning of the Central Line service to those who need it most.”

“I have full faith in SAPS Bishop Lavis to deal with this matter but will appeal to the community at large to come forward with information to assist in ensuring that those responsible are arrested and that together we are able to get this line up and running and those folks earning a wage for first time continue to do so.”

“I will not accept extortion as normal behavior and will not allow projects that will benefit my people to suffer in the process thereof,” said McKenzie.


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