Bonteheuwel residents thwarts police from arresting a suspect wanted in connection with an attempted murder case

Bonteheuwel residents thwarted Bishop Lavis police from arresting a suspect who is wanted in connection with an attempted murder case.

In a video gone viral, it can been seen how the suspects resists being taken and how the community prevents officers from taking the suspect. It can also been seen how a female officer is being threatened after she told a female community member that the female keeps on preventing SAPS from doing their job. Officers were also hurled with stones to prevent the suspect from being arrested. One male officer can be seen threatening to fire a warning shot to try and disperse the crowd. The officers eventually locks the suspect in the van and drives off.

PICTURE: Screenshot of suspect resisting arrest

Local Ward Councillor, Angus Mckenzie, expressed his shock and disappointment regarding the incident.

‘’Great shock and sadness can best describe my reaction to a video which has done the rounds on social media. I strongly condemn the actions of these individuals, it must clearly be noted that this is not the actions of the community or the people of Bonteheuwel but individuals.’’

‘’Harboring gangsters, protecting gangsters and then complaining about the lack of visibility and actions of police officers completely erodes what we have achieved and what we have worked hard towards in our community.’’

McKenzie condemned the incident.

 ‘’The old saying is sadly true, if you protect criminals don't complain when you a victim of crime. This group of individuals do not represent Bonteheuwel and who we are, they however represent themselves and their selfish attitude that seeks to destabilize Bonteheuwel.

‘’This must not be tolerated.  Any person who obstructs the implementation of justice must be dealt with by SAPS but equally must be condemned by the very community who is suffering because of their actions.’’

‘’I want to stress this is not Bonteheuwel but rather individuals within Bonteheuwel to which we all share our disgust towards,’’ he concluded.

Done By: Mitchum George